Recommended Resource: Characterization, Opinions, and Surprises According to Writing Excuses

I’ve talked about the podcast Writing Excuses a few times before, but I wanted to highlight a few recent episodes that I felt were particularly interesting.

The first one is on Three Pronged Character Development, which is a useful little tool that it likely to get helpful if you get stuck on a tricky character.

The second contains all around good advice for preparing to become a writer (or really, any type of public figure), as it covers expressing potentially controversial opinions online, and the consequences that can result in that.

The third (just from today), is a worthwhile podcast about some of the surprises found in life as a professional writer, whether that be lack of time for leisure writing, or the unexpected physical demands.

To me, Writing Excuses is always worth checking out, but I found these episodes in particular to be must listens.

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