My Fiction

Hello and welcome to my complete bibliography. Below, you’ll find a list of everything that I’ve ever published, from short stories to full-length novels, in chronological order. If you’re looking for a more detailed view (including cover art, back of book summaries, and links to buy) then you can click here for my superhero fiction, and here for my fantasy fiction.

“The Paper Doll.” Originally published in Inaccurate Realities, October 2013.

“The Fox.” Originally published in The Lorelei Signal, July 2014.
“Gretel.” Originally published in Luna Station Quarterly, June 2014.

“The Lady of the Watchtower.” Originally published in Sorcerous Signals, March 2015.

Red and Black (Red and Black, 1). 08/13/2018

Black and Blue (Red and Black, 2). 07/29/19
Riley’s Story: A Red and Black One-Shot (Red and Black, 2.5). 12/13/19

Silver and Gold (Red and Black, 3). 05/25/20
The Lady of the Watchtower: Six Stories of Magic and Transformation. 08/31/20
King of Hearts: A Steampunk Fairy Tale 10/26/20

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