“The Fox” Will Be Appearing in the July Issue of The Lorelei Signal

I’m happy to announce that my short story “The Fox” has been accepted for publication by The Lorelei Signal. The Lorelei Signal, for those unaware, is a great little magazine with a fantastic purpose: telling fantasy stories with strong/complex female characters. “The Fox” will be appearing in the July issue of the magazine, and then the print version (called Mystic Signals) in August.

“The Fox” is my attempt to write a more traditional fantasy stories with urban fantasy sensibilities. The main character serves as an avatar to The Fox god, which grants her with certain abilities. Unfortunately, these abilities come at a cost.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that I wrote this story BEFORE that crazy/catchy viral video came out. See, I even wrote about it in a blog post here  months before the video was posted on youtube. Yet after I watched the video, whenever I would go back to tweak  the story or even see the file siting in my computer, that crazy song would play in my head. So not fair!

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