Writing in 2014, by the numbers (so far)

So we’re closing in on 100 days into 2014, and because I keep these detailed spreadsheets, I thought I’d spend a little time blogging about how much time I’ve actually spent on writing this year. Why? Reasons. Important reasons, I tell you! There’s more to this than my weird obsession with random statistics.

So according to my spreadsheet in the past 96 days, I spent time writing on 80 of them. This isn’t perfect, but considering what a bad month March was for writing, it could be a lot worse.

As far as projects go, seventy-one days was spent working on Hero of Darkwood, my current big project. On four days, I spent time submitting Lady of Darkwood to agents. On eight days, I spent time on short fiction. If you are confused as to why these numbers do not add up to 80, it’s because there were a few days where I worked on more than one project.

As far as time goes, I’ve spent ninety-eight hours on Hero of Darkwood, six and half on submitting Lady of Darkwood to agents, and eight hours and forty-five minutes on short fiction.

So what do we learn from this? One, I’ve been putting a lot of time into the first revised draft of Hero. Two, I’ve been spending almost all of my time this year on revisions. Looking back to last year’s spreadsheet (don’t judge me! I like making spreadsheets), I had already finished the first draft of Leader of Darkwood (last year’s big project) and had moved on to other projects by the beginning of April. This is likely a reflection of the fact that Hero is about 20k longer than Leader, as well as last month’s poor writing time.

So what I learned from this is that my next project needs to be writing-based, and not revision based. Sure, I could get Hero done a lot faster if I started on draft two immediately, but that would be really pushing it. I’ll be able to handle Hero a lot better (and probably be able to revise a lot faster) if I take a month off of it.

Hope everyone’s had a productive writing (or revising) year so far.


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