Free Fiction

Free fiction that has been posted on the blog. For more fiction, please check out the bibliography page.

Title- The Brightest Shade of Gray
Genre– Fantasy/Fairy Tale inspired
Word Count– approx 4400
Summary– Raeya’s mother was once the wicked witch of the forest, who kidnapped in children and ate their flesh. Years later, a new evil will arise, but will Raeya be able to defeat it?
Read the Story Here!

Title- The Dragon Slayer’s Assistant
Genre– Fantasy
Word Count– approx 5200
Summary– As an assistant to a famous dragon slayer, Kit is used to people asking for help. But when the mage Elias Comfrey arrives in town with dangerous ideas, Kit finds herself seeking help from an unlikely source, one of the few remaining dragons in Tahear.
Read the Story Here!

Title- Oriana and the Magic Lines
Genre- Fantasy
Word Count– approx 4000
Summary– At just seventeen, the sorceress Oriana faced a powerful evil. Years later, her past mistakes have come back to haunt her.
Read the Story Here!


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