Recommended Resource: Writing Excuses Podcast

If you’re an aspiring genre writer (or hell, even an established one), you really should check out this weekly podcast! Called Writing Excuses, it brings together authors Brandon Sanderson (epic fantasy), Mary Robinette Kowal (historical fantasy), Howard Tyler (comics), and Dan Wells (horror), to share their advice about writing. Not only is it sound advice, but it’s delivered in a lighthearted, enjoyable manner, and the podcasts are nice and short (less then 20 minutes) so it’s easy to squeeze them in to your week. Most episodes focus on the nuts in bolts of writing (like the recent episode on blocking), or how to handle tricky topics (such as writing a character with a mental illness), while others focus on the culture surrounding being a writer. If you’re looking for a place to start, try their recent episode “Fake it Till You Make it” which delivers fantastic advice to writers trying to break into the field. Much of the advice here can actually translate well to other professional areas as well.

Writing Excuses is a MUST LISTEN for me. I highly recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Recommended Resource: Writing Excuses Podcast

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