Black and Blue Goes on Tour!

Next week, on July 29th, Black and Blue, the second book in the Red and Black series, will finally be published! To help spread the word, I will be running a tour where I will be featured in interviews and guest posts on some really cool sites and blogs. Here’s a full list of the locations:

Tour Links:

07/29/19- My Favorite Things at Speculative Chic
07/30/19- The Love Interest Trap at
07/31/19- Author Interview at Off the TBR
08/01/19- Guest Post by Nancy O’Toole Meservier at
08/05/19- A Chat with Nancy O’Toole Meservier – #IndieSuperheroSummer at
08/05/19- Author Interview with Nancy O’Toole Meservier at
08/07/19- Red and Black, Black and Blue Giveaway at

I’ll be posting links to each piece of content as it’s posted, so you can either check back on this page on the assigned dates, or follow me on twitter.

Over the course of this blog tour, this will be little quiet here on my site. Sure, I will be posting about Black and Blue‘s publication on the 29th, but I’d like that to remain at the top of my web page for a little while, so there will be no additional blog content until after the tour is over.

I’m really excited about the stuff I’ve been working on for the tour. I hope everyone enjoys it!

2 thoughts on “Black and Blue Goes on Tour!

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