The 2019 TBR: Books and Audiobooks I Have Yet to Read

When it comes to reading, I try and keep my spending under control. Not only is it good for my wallet, but it helps to keep me from becoming overwhelmed by the weight of my own TBR. My goal is to only buy books that I intend to read right away. But like everyone else, I still get sucked into sales and occasional impulse buys. And that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as long as I actually read the books that I purchase. To motivate myself to do just that, I thought I’d make a post highlighting the books I’ve bought in 2019, and have yet to read.

The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden (Fantasy)- The Bear and the Nightingale is the first book in a fantasy trilogy that draws it’s inspiration from Russian folklore. It has also gotten a shit ton or praise, from booktube to the awards circuit. I knew that it was only a matter of time before this title made it’s way to my kindle. When I saw it on sale, I knew I had to pick it up. Let’s see it it lives up to the hype.

Rough Justice by Kelley Armstrong (Urban Fantasy)– To be honest, I was a little on the fence with this one. As much as I love Kelley Armstrong’s work, her Cainsville series has been hit or miss with me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters, but haven’t always connected to its world building. I purchased the ebook of Rough Justice, a novella the picks up after the series’s end, when it was on sale. Hopefully, now that the main plot has finished up, I can just enjoy spending time with Olivia and Gabriel.

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo (Fantasy)Six of Crows is a book that’s been pretty universally praised ever since it was first published, but it wasn’t until I read Bardugo’s take on Wonder Woman in her DC Icon’s book Warbringer, that I decided I was up for giving more of her books a chance. Six of Crows, which I also picked up on sale (see a pattern?) promises to be a fantasy heist story, which sounds like a delightful mash up of genres.

Zero Sum Game by SL Huang (Science Fiction)– It feels strange to put this book on a “TBR” of any sort because I actually read it when it was originally self published back in 2014. When the book was picked up by a traditional publisher, Huang ended up putting it through another edit, so I figured that it was time for a revisit. Zero Sum Game focuses on a woman who superpowers are based in mathematics, which is all kinds of awesome.

The Sumage Solution by G.L. Carriger (Paranormal Romance)– G.L. Carriger is a pen name for Gail Carriger, who writes the excellent steampunk-fueled Parasol Protectorate series. The pen name is because she is really switching gears here with this gay shifter romance series. I don’t read a lot of M/M romance, but the fact that Carriger is behind it (and my fellow Spec Chic writer J.L. Gribble gave it a rave review), has convinced me to go ahead and give it a chance.

Fear Itself by James Swallow (Science Fiction)– I’ve really been enjoying this season of Star Trek: Discovery, which has inspired me to continue the tie-in fiction. This one is all about the Kelpian, Saru, and his attempts to prove himself as a Starfleet officer despite his status as a prey species. I got this one off of audible and it will likely be the next one that I dig into.

All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor (Science Fiction)– This is the third and final book in Taylor’s excellent Bobiverse trilogy, which is about a 21st century software engineer who is resurrected as an AI in far future, and finds himself up to his neck in humanity’s problems. I managed to pick up the audio version of this for a steal, thanks to whispersync, and I know that I will be checking this out All These Worlds next time I’m in the mood for some exciting science fiction.

So there you go, all the books I’ve bought in 2019 and (for shame!) have yet to read. Hopefully, this post will convince me to dig right in.


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