Guess Who’s Back?

::Brushes off the dust::

Whoo boy. It’s been a while! To think I used to update this thing so regularly, and now it’s been over a year. And what a mixed year it’s been on the writing front. For a while, things were going pretty badly. I had to come to terms with the fact that the YA fantasy trilogy I had written just wasn’t going to go anywhere publishing wise. And the more I wrote, the more I was able to see why. The first book in the trilogy… well, it wasn’t very good. And the second book, while better, still had a lot of issues. By book three, I had finally written something that looked really good. Unfortunately, it was very much a series book, and could not be re-written as stand alone. Coming to the realization that this trilogy was never going to go anywhere was pretty painful.

Since then, things have gotten better. I’m hard at work revising a new, very different project (working title: Red and Black). I’ve joined a writing group that meets every month or two. And I’m feeling all together much better creatively. Now, it hasn’t been a straight shot to positivity. There are still some days when I look at what I’ve written and think about what a fraud I must be, thinking that anyone would want to read this. But my writing group has been all together very helpful/supportive, which has encouraged me to push forward.

Another exciting project I’m working on is in the form of a group blog. I’ll give more details about it when it officially launches next month, but the long in the short of it is I’ve been given the opportunity to work with a bunch of awesome geeky ladies, and I can’t wait to see the results. I’m compiling a group column every week, and writing a column of my own once a month.

In working on this group blog, it’s gotten me thinking about this old blog. On the off chance that someone likes one of my columns and wants to read more of my stuff, it wouldn’t look too good if they came here and saw the latest entry was over a year ago. As a result, I’ve decided to open up the blog again. I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating, but for the moment I’ll aim for updates once a week. Unlike the group blog, where my column will involve a little more thought/preparation, the updates here will be more causal thoughts on my writing, my reading, and what else happens to be on my mind.

The last year may have been a bit of a mess creatively, but as I enter my 31st year (my birthday is on July 31st!) with these exciting projects and collaborations on the horizon, I can’t help but hope that the next year will have more ups than downs.


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