NaNoWriMo Check in- Week #1

Today is Day 7 of NaNoWriMo!
By the end it, you should have written at least 11,669 words
What’s your word count?

So it’s been an interesting week one for me on this year’s NaNoWriMo. I’m not quite as on fire as I was last year, but while there have been days when the going’s been tough, there have also been days when my novel (working title The Twin Kingdoms) has been so much fun to write. So I’m feeling mostly positive as I go into week two. My word count is a healthy 15,011, which is more than I expected it to be. You see, I’ve had a very busy week, often with only just enough time to squeeze in writing. Then yesterday, I blessedly found myself with a whole extra hour and a half on my hands, and I used it to jump ahead. I don’t foresee myself having this opportunity again until Tuesday, when I have a vacation day from work.

Beyond lack of time, I’ve faced other challenges with this novel. For the past few years, the novels I’ve been working on were all been YA with a third person limited perspective. This is an adult fantasy work, with four central characters. Juggling the multiple perspectives has been tricky. Also, all of three YA books had taken places in the same universe, and featured the same MC. Developing a new universe is incredibly fun, but also challenging. The big hurdle I’ve had this time is mostly related to revealing information. What’s the best way to reveal background information that doesn’t feel info dumpy? How much should I tell the audience about my characters now, and how much should I save to keep up the sake of mystery? Most of this will get ironed out in the next draft. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes already!

Hopefully, things will go smoothly in week two!


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