Everything I’ve Watched in October 2014

Clearly I’ve fallen a little off the wagon with these. I thought about doing all of the months that I missed, but figured that no one wanted to read a post that long. Instead, if you’d like to see what I’ve watched in previous months, check out my pinterest page. For my thoughts on movies and TV shows I consumed this October, please continue on!

In Theaters
Gone Girl– This movie was incredibly faithful to the source material, but never in a way that dragged down the narrative of the film. Gone Girl is a wonderfully crafted film that scrutinizes both the media and marriage. Pretty much everyone here is perfectly cast and Fincher’s directing is top notch. It’s a good thing too, because had this movie not been so meticulously put together, it would have been more obvious to the audience that some of these big twists are pretty far fetched. Tanner didn’t like this one so much, but I really enjoyed it. B+

The Book of Life- A vibrant and charming fairy tale of a film that is sure to make you smile. Admittedly, the story is noticeably uneven and the musical aspects often fall flat, but the characters are so lovable, and the visuals so spectacular that it’s worth seeing as a matinee. B-

On DVD/Blu-Ray
Divergent– You know, this was a lot better than I expected it to be, given Hollywood’s notorious mishandling of YA lit that’s not the Hunger Games or a John Green book. Divergent is an all around solid adaptation of it’s source material, but suffers from being overly similar to other YA dystopian film adaptations. Even I found myself thinking things like “wow this is pretty suspenseful… but the Catching Fire was more nail biting. And Shailene Woodley does a really good job as Tris… but she’s no Jennifer Lawrence.” It can feel like a poor man’s Hunger Games at times, but it’s still entertaining. Check it out from your library. B-

How to Train Your Dragon– Gah! I love this movie so much. I love Hiccup’s and Toothless’s first moments together. I still laugh at all of the jokes, and I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat during its action packed ending. How To Train Your Dragon, from voice acting to character development to plotting, is a perfect example of how to do an animated movie really well. Watching this makes me excited for the third movie in the series. A+

Snowpiercer– Damn, this movie is grim. I went into this movie with pretty high expectations, and I’m happy to see that they were met. Snowpiercer is a wonderfully dark and violet dystopia that succeeds due to it’s wonderful world building, and talented international cast. Yes, the movie suffers from some issues of logic, but the overall greatness of the film makes up for it (much like X-men Days of Future Past). Proof that not all sci-fi/action films need to to have giant budgets and superheroes. A-

Thor: The Dark World- Third time seeing this one since it came out about a year ago. That should tell you how much I enjoy it. B+

On Television
Agents of SHIELD– Come back everyone! Come back! I swear, this show is pretty much the highlight of my week now. It’s so suspenseful. The character relationships, whether they be romantic/friendships/adversarial, are so compelling. And the villains! The villains are great! Oh why did this show take so long to find it’s grove. Everyone’ missing out on how good it’s gotten :(.

Castle– So I was pretty pissed back in May when Castle and Beckett weren’t allowed to get married. It’s like season eight of Bones all over again! We can’t have our central character’s relationship progress to the next level, so let’s come up with a convoluted way to delay it for at least half a season! Admittedly, the mystery plot of where Castle was when he was missing is intriguing, but there’s going to have to work harder than that to get me sucked into this season’s storyline. Come on guys, I’ve supported this show for six whole seasons. Don’t make me jump ship now!

Constantine– Only seen the premiere, which was kind of choppy, yet intriguing at the same time. I quite like the guy they got to play Constantine (even if this non-smoking, straight version of the DC character feels unnecessarily sanitized), the effects are better than I expected for a show like this, and the horror elements are very strong. I’ll be sticking around for at least another couple episodes to see if it will work for me.

Doctor Who– What a controversial season it’s been! Some people love the new Doctor. Some people hate him. Some people like what they’re doing with Clara. Other people, not so much. Personally, I have been enjoying this season, even if it has been a little uneven. There have been a handful of truly “meh” episodes (Deep Breath, In The Forests of the Night), but they have been counterbalanced by some really intriguing ones (Kill the Moon, The Caretaker, Flatline). Also, I quite like Capeldi’s take on the Doctor, even if he hasn’t reached the heights of David Tennet or Matt Smith yet. All and all, I’m curious to see how this season ends. Unless they really fuck the finale up, I will be back for next next season.

Gotham– Yep. Watched the first two episodes and they did nothing for me at all. Were it not a Batman show, I don’t think I would have made it that far at all. I wasn’t impressed with the writing, or the acting (with a couple notable exceptions). I wasn’t fond of the decision to cram every DC villain into the first episode, and I’m not quite happy with how they’re choosing to deal with the young Bruce Wayne character. There are far too many great shows on right now to waste time with this one.

The Legend of Korra– Looks like Korra’s going out with a bang. Season four may have been a surprise season (both in the speed in which it was produced and Nickelodeon’s means of distribution), but every episode has been more than worth your time. The time jump worked brilliantly, as did the return of Toph from The Last Airbender. I can’t wait to see how Korra will figure out how to take down Kuriva. We are so lucky to see Korra’s story finally come to its intended end.

Phew. Not sure how I’m keeping up with all of those shows! It’s a good thing Doctor Who is almost over and Korra has a short season.


2 thoughts on “Everything I’ve Watched in October 2014

  1. There’s been some recanting about John’s sexuality. In the comics, the bi-sexual nature isn’t revealed until MUCH later in the books, so there’s plenty of time to explore that aspect of his character and do it in a way that’s organic, because he’s also very much a womanizer. So that’ll be fine, should they get the opportunity. Regarding the smoking, they show him playing with his lighter, and I think they’re even obscuring him holding a cigarette in some scenes, so I’m fine with it. The actor has nailed the attitude, and that’s the thing! 🙂

    Still sticking with GOTHAM. Who knows, maybe like AGENTS OF SHIELD, it’ll get better? Yay for AGENTS OF SHIELD though. Wow.

    So glad you liked SNOWPIERCER! I finally saw HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON this summer, and I’m surprised by how bittersweet that ending is. Good movie!

    • I’d be happy if they explored John’n bi-sexual nature a bit in the series. Clearly, it doesn’t need to be the focus of the show, but I’d be happy to see it appear sometime. And I agree with you on the actor’s attitude. I’ve only seen the premiere but he does a VERY good job.

      And I’m happy you liked How to Train Your Dragon! It’s such a great film 🙂

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