Presenting The Civic 2!

So on Friday, I brought The Civic in for inspection, a nail biting experience for the owner of a fourteen year old car. because whenever I bring my vehicle in to the shop, it comes out needing something that costs hundreds of dollars to fix. At first, this inspection seemed to be going pretty well. I needed new front brakes and rotors (a problem I had been noticing for a little while, but since their wasn’t any ice on the ground, I didn’t see it as being that big of a deal. God I hope my mom doesn’t read these), which would only cost me $300. Not too bad. Unfortunately, my back bumper also needed to be replaced, and since it was July 4th, the parts places weren’t open. The mechanic wasn’t sure how much it would cost me, but he said it could be another $300 dollars and he’d get back to me on Monday. So he started working on my breaks, and in the couple hours it took to do that, my husband and I started talking. Was it worth spending $600 on a car that wasn’t worth all that much more than that? Was I basically just throwing my money away every time I patched my car back together again? How long would it take before the next $600 repair came in? We looked at cars on sale online, focusing on lightly used vehicles that were just a few years old.

And the next day, I found myself the proud owner of a two-year-old Honda Civic!


So basically, it’s the exact same car as my old one, only A LOT newer (and white instead of black, which means that winter is going to be extra interesting this year). Days later, I continue to be baffled by the new features offered by this car. Like a gauge that measure what my exact gas mileage is, and how many miles I have left before refueling (seriously, this is pretty hypnotic). Or a USB port where I can charge my iphone. Ooh! And an auxiliary port so I don’t have to depend on faulty FM transmitter to listen to my audiobooks over the car speakers. And four doors instead of two! And a CD player that didn’t die five years ago! And air conditioning that works even when it’s 80 degrees or hotter. And windows that, when you roll them down, ALWAYS GO BACK UP.

I think it’s safe to say I’m pretty happy with this new car. It may even be worth having to deal with a monthly car payment.

6 thoughts on “Presenting The Civic 2!

  1. Very nice! Go you! I’m so glad you got something new…. based on our last conversation about your car, it was pretty obvious it was time to move on if you could.

    • Yeah. I’ve been working all of the extra hours that I could since the wedding and pretty much put all the money in savings so I could have a more impressive down payment. It really helped keep my monthly payment down (that and my credit score, which apparently was good).

  2. Nice! Probably also a little bit safer than the old one. I know I felt a lot better when I upgraded from my old 2000 Sentra to my new one. I am still very happy with the decision (yes that distance to empty indicator is awesome). We had a Civic too (my husband’s) and I really liked that car – we almost chose to get a new Civic when we decided to trade in and consolidate both our cars to the one car we have now. It was a close thing.

    • Yeah. I feel a lot more comfortable with this one. The old one was getting to the point where it was fine to get me where I needed to go, but if I needed to take a lengthily car ride, I was NOT okay with taking my vehicle.

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