The Fox is up at The Lorelei Signal


My short story, The Fox, can be found on the July Issue of The Lorelei Signal, which focuses on telling great stories that feature complex female characters. My complex female character is Vi. As the avatar for The Fox God, Vi has been gifted with stealth, speed, and smarts, making her a worthwhile choice for theft, espionage, and the occasional assassination. Unfortunately, these gifts come with a price.

As I’ve mentioned here before, The Fox was my attempt to mesh together two of my favorite things: the snarky urban fantasy heroine, with a traditional fantasy setting. I had a ton of fun writing it for a lot of reasons, but I think what I liked the most about the experience was the fact that Vi is not really a nice person. I know I constantly feel pressured to be seen as nice or pleasant (admittedly, it’s kind of part of my day job, given that I deal with customers all the time), so it was really freeing to be able to write from the perspective of someone that didn’t care much about such niceties.

The story is currently up for free on The Lorelei Signal website (there’s even an awesome illustration by Marge Simon!). A print version will be released next month, under the magazine Mystic Signals.


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