Ugh. Heavy again

Twice a year, I do what I refer to as “the big switch over.” I don’t have a huge amount of space between my closet and dresser, so I end up sticking the off season clothes in big plastic tubs and shoving them under my bed. So a few weeks back, when mother nature finally decided to let it be spring, I found myself bringing out the t-shirts and packing away the sweaters.

And in the following weeks, I’ve discovered that quite a few of those T-shirts and other items don’t really fit me anymore…

Before getting married, I did my best to be good so I could fit into that wedding dress. Since then, well I’ve been very very bad about food and exercise and it’s really caught up with me. When you combine the fact that I can’t afford to upgrade my spring/summer wardrobe anytime soon with the fact that I’ve been feeling pretty down about my appearance lately, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to lose some weight. So since Monday, I’ve been working on eating things in moderation and exercising more. I’ve been using this ap called LoseIt to help me with the food/exercise logging. The way you enter in a lot of the food is by scanning the barcodes on the packaging, making me feel like one of those weirdos that’s always taking pictures of her food. So far, the ap has been really helpful. It’s too soon to have lost any weight, but I must admit that I feel better. One thing I often forget is that while I LOVE food, and really enjoy it while I’m eating it, I usually feel pretty gross afterwards.

Squeezing in exercise has been kind of tough, as I already write in the mornings. What I’ve ended up doing is getting on the exercise bike right when I get out of work at night. Combine this with the writing and the fact that I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at my jobs lately and it makes my schedule feel a little cramped.

I really hope I manage to lose some weight (I’m aiming for 10-20lbs) and keep it off. I’m pretty good at preparing for something when I have a set goal, but once I get past that, it’s always been hard for me to stick with it. As a result, I feel like I’m always going up and down with my weight. Just when I feel like I’ve reached a good place, I pack on the pounds and I’m heavy again.

If anything, it will give me an excuse to watch more TV/movies while on the bike!


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