Update on April Writing + May Goals

In April, I had one goal. Finish the first draft of Hero of Darkwood. And I did it! It still needs work, but it’s a much stronger that my rough draft. That version had some really major things wrong with it. After that, I lost a bit of my focus. I did end up submitting Lady of Darkwood to a couple small presses, but I was a little scatter brained about writing until I stumbled across a new idea for a short story. It doesn’t really have a title yet (the document is called “Faces” but I’m not sticking with that one), but after several false starts, I finished a rough draft on May 1st. To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be doing with this one yet. It started as a way to explore a world I’m debating writing a novel in, so it features things like massive unnecessary info dumps. But, I really like the characters, so if I can sharpen it up to a decent draft I might send it out to my first readers to see if it’s worth submitting places.

This brings me to my goals for May!

1. Finish Revising “Faces” and submit to first readers.
2. Revise “The Lady in the Watchtower” and submit to new short story market.

The “Lady in the Watchtower” is a novelette that I’ve been sending out different magazines. Rejection letter number two came back with some very useful tips for revision, so I think I’ll spend a little more time on that before I send it out again. Beyond that, I have some other short story ideas kicking around I might work on. I just want to keep Hero of Darkwood on hold until June. I need some space if I’m going to be able to create an effective second draft.


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