Everything I Read in April 2014

This month I read, not one but TWO works of nonfiction! ::collective gasp::

As always, links go to short reviews on goodreads, but I’m always willing to discuss them here as well.

Books Read
Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
Sword and Laser Anthology by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt
The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
Just a Geek by Wil Wheaton– BEST BOOK OF THE MONTH

Audiobooks Read
Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Short Fiction Magazines Read
Lightspeed Magazine, January 2014

Graphic Novels Read
Daken/X-23: Collision by Daniel Way and Marjorie M. Liu
Wonder Woman, Vol 2: Guts by Brian Azzarello– BEST GRAPHIC NOVEL OF THE MONTH
Wonder Woman, Vol 3: Iron by Brian Azzarello
X-23: Chaos Theory by Marjorie M. Liu

Comics Read
All New X-men #25
Angel and Faith #1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2
Guardians of the Galaxy #14
Lazarus #8
Mighty Avengers #9
Ms. Marvel #3
Pretty Deadly #5
She-Hulk #2-3- BEST COMIC OF THE MONTH (tie)
Trillium #8
Wolverine #4


6 thoughts on “Everything I Read in April 2014

  1. I’ve read The Devil in the White City, and my favorite part was not the murder mystery, but the descriptions of the architects and architecture of the World’s Fair.

  2. Okay, so let’s pick your brain:

    How did you like:

    The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
    Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan
    Night Broken by Patricia Briggs
    Trillium #8


    • The Devil in the White City- Very good read. I found this a lot easier to read then a lot of the history-based nonfiction I struggle with. Some of the serial killer scenes felt a little too subjective though. Like the writer had very little to go off of for information, so it ended up guessing too often for my taste.

      Altered Carbon- Didn’t fall in love with this one as much as some other readers (the torture scene was just too much for me), but still found it to be a good read. Great worldbuilding.

      Night Broken- Not the best Mercy book but still good. I liked getting to see Coyote again, but felt that the Christy parts were kind of over the top. Seriously, no one’s THAT good at manipulating people.

      Trillium 8- Nice ending to the series. I felt the series as a whole kind of had its ups and downs, but it ended in a nice place. Wish there had been more time to cement a relationship between the two protagonists though.

      • I’ve not read any of these except Trillium…. it’s a series I wish I’d read all at once in a trade or something. I think it would’ve been more effective that way.

        NIGHT BROKEN: I dread reading it. I hate the premise with a passion and I keep hoping that by time I get my hands on it, I’ll forget the premise enough to maybe enjoy the book. :-/

      • Yeah, some of the Christy scenes made me cringe. Interestingly, most other reviews I’ve come across don’t have the same issue I did, so maybe it’s just me?

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