You may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent from the blog lately. The reason behind that? Tanner and I finally got hitched last Saturday!


I say finally, because we’ve been together for over ten years, and engaged for about half that time. It’s funny, but I only mentioned the wedding planning process a few times on this blog. Part of that’s because the focus of this blog is more on writing, but it’s also because I didn’t want to think about white dresses and ribbon colors any more than I had to. Planning events just isn’t my thing, and even a small wedding are still very much events. I remember tweeting several times that I wish I had just eloped.

But now… I’m really glad I didn’t, because the wedding was as close to perfect as it could have been.

At a time of year when the Mother Nature is known to be particularly unpredictable, we were blessed with warm and sunny weather, which I appreciated in my strapless dress. My hair, which pretty much only does what it wants to do (usually lie flat, and slightly tangled), was wonderfully arranged, and all of my bridesmaids looked fabulous and happy with themselves. Everyone that was supposed to come was able to, and despite a couple problems with music, the ceremony was mostly fault free. I only had one moment where I got nervous, and it was right before I walked down that isle. Anyone who’s been through it will understand. Everyone is STARRING at you!

The reception afterwards, like most of the day, was pretty low key. During the planning process, we had a few areas where we were okay spending money, and then cut out other areas all together. So, as neither of us are big on dancing, we didn’t have a DJ or band. We didn’t have too far to go from the church, so we just drove ourselves instead of getting a limo. On the other hand, we made sure to get a professional photographer (and yes, I will share pictures when they’re available! The one above is from a friend’s cellphone), and didn’t skimp on the food. We also cut costs by keeping the guest list small (which suited us anyway), and keeping other aspects of the wedding similarly low key. So we didn’t cover the church or reception hall in flowers, but we had flowers for the wedding party, and my mom did a great job putting together some centerpieces with fake blooms.

Both Tanner and I had a great time, and all of our guests seemed very happy. After the wedding, we had to head home to take care of a few things (laundry!), and pack for the honeymoon, but we were able to set off on Monday to this really nice beach house that my parents own in York. Granted, going to the beach in April in May is pretty much like playing Russian roulette. It can be beautiful one day, and then snow a couple days later, which is exactly what happened to us. Still, we were still happy to be able to spend together and just relax. Before this, I hadn’t taken a real week-long vacation in about two and a half years. Combine that with all of the wedding planning, and it was really needed.

Here’s a picture I took of York on the nice day.

photo (4)

And a picture Tanner took of the snow two days later…



5 thoughts on “MAWIDGE!

  1. Congratulations!! That picture of everyone is awesome. And you look gorgeous!

    Yeah, I remember planning a wedding was hard work – it feels like like a big accomplishment when it’s over. I also had the same experience where it got nervous right before having to walk down. I don’t like everyone looking at me, plus the whole: this is the big moment thing. But after that it was all gravy. 🙂

    • It’s funny, I mentioned the walking down the isle thing to a few of my married female friends, and they felt exactly the same. One even admitted that she was so nervous, that she has no memory of the actual ceremony from that point on. Guess I got off easy.

  2. Many congrats! My husband and I didn’t do a ceremony: we got married at his parents’ house, and lady who married us actually held my husband when he was a wee little baby (she was a friend of the family). Very small wedding, I wore blue jeans, but I also had an “Oh, shit!” moment right before the ceremony started.

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