March: A bad time for Writing (+ April Goals)

Ugh, I don’t even want to look at these right now because March was not a good writing month. Anyway, here were my goals for the month.

1. Get 25,000 words further into the revised first draft of Hero of Darkwood
2. Spend a week (7 hours of writing) on short fiction

Yeah, I didn’t manage to hit either of those milestones, which has left me pretty grumpy. Part of it was lack of time, my wedding is coming up soon, and I ended up working a bunch of extra hours in the latter half of the the month. For a while, the issue was also lack of motivation. Often, I really look forward to writing. At the least, it’s usually not something I mind doing. There were times this month when that was clearly not the case.

Fortunately, April looks to take care of two of those issues. My motivation is coming back, and I’m not working any extra hours. Yes, the wedding still has me busy, but most of the planning is done by now, so besides the days of the wedding rehearsal and wedding reception, finding some time to write shouldn’t be as problematic. As a result, I am setting myself one big goal for April.

1. Finish first draft of Hero of Darkwood

I have about 20k left to revise. I think I can get through that this month. Then I’ll figure out if I want to take a little break, or spend time on other projects. Then, I’ll make polishing the novel up to something worthy of my first readers over the summer. I have a feeling that because I had such a hard time with last month, that the chapters I revised will still need a lot of work, but that’s a problem for later!

Hopefully, someone had a better writing month then I did this March! Anyone doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month?

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