Everything I Watched in March 2014

Don’t see myself as watching much of anything tomorrow, so here are my reviews for all of the movies and TV shows I watched in March. Much like February, apparently the only movies I saw fit for seeing in the theaters were made for children. What does that say about me? Or Hollywood?

In Theaters

Mr. Peabody and Sherman- A charming animated film that is about a dog and his boy traveling through time, as well as a surprisingly touching story about fathers and sons. Although it’s not without its flaws (it’s main female character, Penny, goes through some dramatic character changes in a very short amount of time, which seems rushed), Mr. Peabody and Sherman manages to succeed based on it’s lovable characters, zippy time travel narrative, and well casted voice acting. History buffs will find plenty to giggle about in this one. B

Muppets Most Wanted– Honestly, I’m a bit of a let down after the brilliant Jason Segal led film that came out back in 2011. The heist-driven storyline, musical numbers, and even the jokes are noticeably weaker this time around. Also, there’s some really bad green screen moments at the end that makes me wonder if the film was rushed out. Still, there are plenty of cute Muppet moments, and the celebrity cameos come fast and furious. Worth a rental. C+

On Netflix (not counting incomplete TV seasons)
Archer (Season 1-3)– This may sound like a lot of TV watching, but when you consider that each season has 13 episodes (or less), and they’re only 20 minutes a pop, it’s not as much. If you’re looking for an adult cartoon that will have you rolling on the floor with laughter, you could do a lot worse then this spy-spoof. I think what makes this show work so well is the fantastic chemistry between it’s cast members, which you don’t see on a lot of cartoons. Similarly, you seen plot and character progression between episodes, which is  also unusual for the genre. Warning though, this show isn’t afraid to venture into some pretty offensive material, so it’s not for everyone. But if you like humor that’s edgy and absurd, this should work well for you. B+ 

Agents of SHIELD– Only one episode this March, but damn if it’s not the strongest episode the SHIELD team has produced yet. Yes Men delivers a fast past and exciting episode. It also manages to balance the movie elements and TV show elements very, resulting in a story that develops relationships and furthers Coulson’s quest for truth while giving us a deeper look at the character of Sif. This is the level of quality that I’ve been expecting from SHIELD, and I think a lot of people agree with me.

Castle– Gah! I’m behind again. How did that happen? Anyway, the episodes I did watch this month (Room 147 and In the Belly of the Beast) were surprisingly top notch. For a show that can occasionally feel pretty paint by the numbers, these two episodes explored very different types of cases, and it really paid off.  The suspense in In the Belly of the Beast was particularly strong. Very curious to see how certain plot developments raised in this episode will be resolved.

We’re The Millers (on DVD)- Yeah, I’m not sure why this one got such poor reviews, as I found this R-rated comedy to be a lot of fun, filled with a talented cast and tons of laughs. One criticism that should be made? Um, it can be a little racist in its portrayal of Mexicans. Granted, no one looks all that great in this movie, but it still stuck out to me. Still, if you’re looking for something that will make you laugh, you could do much worse than We’re The Millers. B

Thor: The Dark World (on DVD)- Already reviewed this one here, and my opinions haven’t changed. Thor 2 is a fun and energetic movie. Watching this made me excited to see Captain America on Friday. B+


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