Everything I Watched In February

Whoops! Almost forgot to post this one! Here’s my visual entertainment for the month (for what I read, please check here)

In Theaters

The Lego Movie- What the hell? Movies this good aren’t supposed to come out in February! I wouldn’t say that every joke worked for me, but The Lego Movie is still a fabulous family film filled with oh-so-quotable moments. The rapid fire humor is sure to please adults (although it may not work for very small children), the stop motion-esque CG animation is a stroke of genius, and the voice acting is of the highest quality. Will 2014 be the Year of Chris Pratt? If Guardians of the Galaxy is even half as good as its first trailer, then I would say yet. Also, even though I saw the twist ending coming, it still really impacted me emotionally. If The Lego Movie is any indication, it’s going to be a good year for animation. B+

On NetFlix (not counting incomplete TV seasons)
Eureka (Season 1)- I actually watched a big chunk of this is January, but ended up finishing up the season in February. I must admit, the quality of the acting had me concerned at first. Yes, Colin Ferguson does a fabulous job as the approachable everyday man from the start, but it takes some of his co stars a few episodes to get into their characters (not to mention some of the early guest stars). Still, this show has a lot of fans, so I decided to stick with it, and I’m glad I did, as it picks up in later episodes. I was surprised at how attached I ended up getting to the characters (also, kudos to whoever did the casting, as the main cast is more diverse then I expected), and felt that overall, the show did a really good job of balancing the monster of the week episodes with the larger mysteries. I’m on board for season 2. B-

Agents of SHIELD- Only one episode this month (T.R.A.C.K.S.), but was it a suspenseful one! I don’t know if the multiple time lines really enhanced the episode in any way, but they really didn’t hold anything back with this one, which was great. What’s going on with Project Deathlok? Will the team lose a member tragically? I guess we’ll see next episode. Also, do these acronymed episodes (F.Z.Z.T., T.A.H.I.T.I) actually stand for something? I thought it was just what they did with one word titles, but Repairs lacks the essential periods.

Castle– Yep. Still behind on this one. Watched two episodes this month, Limelight and Dressed to Kill. In both instances, the cases felt pretty generic, but the character moments made the episodes worth your time. It was nice to see Alexis more involved with the case in Limelight, and I liked following Beckett and Castle’s wedding planning in Dressed to Kill. I just hope to god the dress she wore here won’t be her actual wedding dress. Not flattering at all!

Downton Abbey– And season 4 is a wrap! While I found the remaining episodes to be worthwhile, I can’t help but feel that Downton Abbey, while plenty entertaining, just can’t live up to the strength of it’s past seasons. Too many of this season’s storylines just felt like like recycled material from previous seasons. Once again, Thomas plays the role of manipulative schemer. One again, Edith falls in love with an older man, only to have her fragile happiness dashed to pieces (although her pregnancy storyline was one of the better ones of the season). Once again, Bates is suspected of murder. Etc. Still, there’s enough to love that I will be returning for season five. Who will Mary chose as her beau? Will anyone find out about Edith’s secret scheme? Will Carson and Hewes do more than hold hands? Will Maggie Smith continue to pwn the world? We’ll see next season. (Full season rating- B-)

Sherlock– And season 3 is a wrap! I know that people will probably want to throw things at me for saying this, but, much like Downton Abbey, I don’t find this show to be as good as it used to be. There was a lot I enjoyed about season 3 (the premiere was fantastic, I loved getting to see more of Sherlock’s human side, and I don’t think they’ve made a poor casting decision yet), but the finale just didn’t have the same punch as The Great Game or The Reichenbach Fall, and the main villain felt like a Moriarty stand in. I will continue to watch the show, as I still think it does so much, so well, even if doesn’t work for me as well as it once did. (Full season rating- B-)

Space Jam (on DVD)- DON’T JUDGE ME! WHY DO I STILL KNOW ALL OF THE LINES? (cannot give a fair rating due to nostalgia)

And that’s it! And yes, I know that it seems strange that I gave Eureka, Sherlock, and Downton Abbey identical ratings, but was much more of a complain-y pants in my reviews of Sherlock and Downton. Call is the burden of high expectations. When you’ve proven that you can produce A+ material, being just an entertaining show doesn’t cut it anymore.


4 thoughts on “Everything I Watched In February

  1. Just finished with Sherlock too. And I agree with you! I felt like there were too many places where it seemed like the writers were doing these things that were more about joking with the viewers than about keeping the story tight and focused, so it was a little all over the place, and less about the mysteries. Downton Abbey – I stopped watching that after Mary and Matthew got married. I was already spoiled about what was going to happen and I couldn’t bear to watch so I bailed on a high point!

    • Glad someone agrees with me on Sherlock! I feel the general opinion online is to view it as this perfect thing, when it does have problem. Yes, Cumberbatch and Freeman continue impress me every season with their performances, but there’s more to the show then that.

      LoL on bailing on Downton. I spoke to so many people that were just shell shocked over what happened, and are really holding a grudge against Dan Stevens as a result. Wonder if that will negatively impact his film career that he’s striving to create?

      • It feels good when you’re not the only one! I am also watching with someone at work and she actually was really disappointed by this last series (except for the last episode, which she loved).

        Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t think you can blame Dan Stevens: they didn’t have to take the story where they did (other ways to have a character step back), and also if he was so important to the show’s main arc then this should have been some sort of better planning with contracts and such. But really, what do I know.

        Oh and I forgot to say: with you on Beckett’s dress. It was hideous.

      • On Sherlock- I was actually less then fond of season two as well. Great Moriarty (and great finale), but I felt the second episode was pretty forgettable, and the Irene Adler one was uneven.

        On Dan Stevens, I have a friend who’s send some of the special features on the season 4 DVD, and apparently they kind of throw the guy under the bus. They mentioned how they were willing to work with him and make his character have less of a presence on the show, but he just wanted off, so they so no other choice. Granted, this is all heresy, so who knows what actually happened behind scenes! I saw pictures of him lately though. He looks very different.

        And Beckett’s friggen dress! Stana Katnic has such a model figure. You’d think that finding a dress that would suit her body type would be easy, yet they went for one that wasn’t flattering at all!

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