Update on January Goals, and February Goals

So back at the beginning of January, I set myself three goals:

1. Spend at least 34 hours working on my writing.
2. Get to 30,000 words on my first draft of Hero of Darkwood
3. Do final edits on Leader of Darkwood (about 40 pages)

Now we come to the end of the month, and low and behold, I’ve completed them all!

I surpassed the first one by quite a bit by spending on 42 hours and 15 minutes writing related activities. Of that, 39 hour was spend on working on Hero of Darkwood. The remaining time was split between submitting short fiction and doing that final read through of the end of Leader of Darkwood. The first draft of Hero of Darkwood has certainly been tricky, and I know that it’s going to get even trickier here on out, as I’m going to need to make some serious changes going forward. Some ideas that sound really great in the rough draft, don’t always feel that way when you look at them with a more critical eye. I managed to actually get through just over 33,000 words, bringing me to the end of Part 1 of the book. It feels really good to be here, but it feels even better to be finally done with Leader of Darkwood. As I mentioned before, had 2013 had one more day in it, I could have easily completed it then, but I didn’t have quite enough time.

To celebrate surpassing these goals, I’m going to take a couple days off to recharge a bit (I took one day off earlier in the month, but that’s it). After that, we’re into a new month where I will have new goals. They are:

1. Add 20,000 words to the revised first draft of Hero of Darkwood
2. Update Query Letter
3. Submit Lady of Darkwood to 10 Agents/Publishers

And that should easily take me to the end of the month, as February is on the short side. I’m a little nervous about being able to get in quite as much time next month for writing, as wedding planning is taking up more of my time now, but I think that I can manage it.


4 thoughts on “Update on January Goals, and February Goals

    • It’s a novel, not short fiction. I’ve never seen a notice against simultaneous submissions when it comes to novels. In fact, some short fiction markets seem okay with it too. I still stick with one at a time though. Otherwise it can get a little confusing

      • You are right: I’ve just looked through the submission process at Tor, Pyr and Baen and only Baen wrote “We prefer not to see simultaneous submissions.”
        For some reason I always thought that was a big no no, but perhaps I read the short fiction guidelines and made an erroneous assumption about novel submissions.

      • I think it’s because responses from publishers tend to take longer. It’s one thing to wait a month or so to hear back from a short fiction market. It’s another thing to ask the writer to wait 6+ months without exploring other options.

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