Wedding Plans

With my wedding just under four months away, we’re really getting into planning mode now. It’s strange that despite my attempt to have a simple wedding with family and friends, everything still seems way too complicated. Here’s a breakdown of where my effort (and sanity) has gone lately.

Invitations- Just received these back from the printers, and they look really nice. We had a friend put them together and he was really good at listening to what we were looking for and dealing with my confusing rambles. We hope to address these and send them out over the long weekend because we’re going to need an official head count soon.

Food- And this is one of the reasons we need that head count! We’ve made out selections for the meal after the wedding (we’re not having a big reception with dancing or anything like that, just good food with good people). One thing we’re still working on is the cake. We know where we’re getting it from, we just need to figure out a weekend we can get to the area so we can do a taste testing and pick out a cake.

Flowers– Are going to be more expensive then we planned. We’re sticking with the basics: bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages. We’re in the process of figuring out prices and flower choices. The florist, much like everyone else we’re working with, is super nice though.

Favors- Since we’re getting married in the spring, we thought it would be a good idea to have tulip bulbs as the favors, sort of symbolizing a new start. Unfortunately, even though tulips grow in the spring, you actually plant them in the fall, so there goes that plan. As a result, we’re changing our plans towards something a little more edible. We hope to figure this one out during the next couple weeks, along with what we’re going to do with those tricky center pieces.

Hair and dresses- I got my dress a long time ago, but haven’t had a chance to get it shortened from normal person size to short person size. So I made an appointment for the 16th to get that taken care of. I also found a good friend that will be doing my and my mother’s hair, for free! She’s also offered to do my bridesmaids hair for pretty cheap, which is super nice of her. Speaking of bridesmaids, one of mine has already gotten her dress. I better check in on the other two and see how they’re coming along.

So that’s how the wedding plans are going. My fingers are crossed that we don’t come across any unwelcome surprises!


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