Recommended Resource: Writing Income According to Jim C. Hines

If you have any interest in the world of sci-fi and fantasy books, Jim C. Hines’s blog is a recommend resource all by itself, but for today I’d just like to highlight his most recent Writing Income post. You see, every year Jim C. Hines posts how much he, as a midlist writer, makes from his writing. He also includes a history of the past 10+ years of his writing income, as well as a breakdown of where his income is coming for (traditionally published works versus self published works for example). This is really important information for either aspiring authors like myself, or newly published ones, because I think that society often inflates ones ideas of how much your typical working writing actually makes. Yes, Jim did pretty well last year, but getting to that point has taken him years. And while the amount he makes may be really helpful for making a dent in his mortgage, he’s not making Richard Castle sized salaries.

I find these annual posts to be very enlightening. Writing and publishing is not a one size fits all business, but they do a great job of highlighting one person’s path.

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