Frozen in Maine

Like a lot of people on the east coast, we’ve had an interesting couple days of weather here in Maine. I, for one, have gotten off easily. I haven’t lost power, and am not trapped within my own home like some people I know. Unfortunately, I still have to deal with the ice.

Snow may be annoying, but when it’s all said and done, you can shovel it out of the way and move on with photo (1)your life. Now ice? That’s more complicated. Case in point? My driveway. I walked out of my house this morning to find the front steps to my apartment building and the driveway completely covered in ice. I had to grab onto the corner of the building for dear life to keep myself from falling. Eventually, I made it to my car, and rediscovered the vehicle beneath it’s continuous coating of ice (Nancy’s advice: get in the car and turn the heat/defroster on first. Wait for things to warm up, and then clear off the windows by rolling them down, little by little. The windows will go down, but the ice won’t so you can just push it away. By the time your done with all of the windows, you can tackle the front and back windshields, which will be a little easier to handle by then). I covered the steps, our piece of the sidewalk, and the front of the driveway with a thin coating of sand, hoping that by the time I got back from the doctor’s appointment, I would be able to walk back across the expanse of concrete without risking life and limb.

I was so wrong.

photo (2)The great thing about sand is it creates a layer grit, giving you a nice amount of traction so you’re not slipping and sliding everywhere. Unfortunately, that’s not going to do any good if it then rains, freezes, and then rains again, trapping your helpful sand beneath multiple layers of slipperiness.

Getting back to my building was once more a challenge, and I know it’s going to be just as bad tomorrow morning, because we’re not getting any kind of melting anytime soon.

Clearly, I need to get one of those ice crushing tool thingys (I have no idea what they’re called. But they look kind of like shovels, only the shovel part is much smaller and made for breaking through the ice) so I can break it up and move it away. It’s just too thick at the end of the driveway. Maybe the landlord has one stashed in the basement. I have the day off from work tomorrow. I suppose that I can figure out what to do once I’ve gotten back from the laundry mat. Not how I want to spend my Christmas Eve, but I guess it must be done!


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