Blogging Rules

So I’ve been updating Picking up the Pen for about six months now, which kind of caught me off guard when I realized it. It seems like I just started it up. Before Picking up the Pen, I had a livejournal called Temporaryworlds. Now Temporaryworlds was very different from Picking up the Pen, as it was very focused on books. Picking up the Pen is writing focused, but also more relaxed. I don’t think twice about posting something about books, movies, comics, television, real life stuff, or anything else that seems like it might fit. At the same time, over the past six months I’ve found myself subconsciously developing blogging rules. Because while there are plenty of things to blog about, there are also several things that I’d rather stay away from.

Rule #1- The Day Job is Off Limits– It’s a no brainer that it’s kind of unprofessional to complain about work on social media, and the fact that I’m a librarian throws in extra complications. You see, I’m pretty big on being an ethical librarian, which includes treating everyone with respect, and being conscious of their personal privacy. Yes, the overwhelming majority of my interactions with patrons is positive, but even talking about those seems to be venturing into a gray area. As a result, I keep my work out of my blog. I suspect people would rather read about comics anyway.

Rule #2- No Deeply Personal Stuff (and that Counts Double for Stuff that is None of my Business)– It’s true that if there was something big and important going on in my life, I would mention it here. An example of this is my upcoming wedding, which I’ve mentioned a handful of times. At the same time, it’s nice to have a limit to what one shares on the internet. So if Tanner and I get into a fight (which rarely happens), I’m not going to bitch about it here. The same goes for if I hear about a friend getting into a fight with his or her partner. Not only is that totally not my business, but it just brings so much negativity to the blog. And again, people would probably read about geeky TV shows then watch me complain.

Rule #3- Keep it Light on Politics or Current Events- This is a little different because some of my favorite blogs talk about these things all of the time. I suspect that if the issue is very near and dear to my heart, I might blog about it too. But with most topics, I’m very concerned about coming across uninformed. I know it bugs me when you see articles, usually in very legit media sources, talking about an issue they clearly have no experience in (this is something I noticed a lot about the Batwoman gay marriage controversy a little while back). So usually by the time my opinion is fully formed, I’ve read several articles on the topic and it’s already been discussed to death. And really does the Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays debate need by voice as well? It’s important to note that I’m a lot more likely to discuss these sort of topics on my twitter. I’m also more likely to cuss there. You’ve been warned.

Rule #4- Read all of the Comments, and Respond to as Many As Possible- Because not doing so just seems douchey, and who wants that?

So those are my blogging rules. Anyone else have official or unofficial rules they use to help guide them in their blogging?


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