Christmas Giving, The Doctor, and Other Things on my Mind

I haven’t updated in a few days, so I figured it was time for one of those updates that feature a whole bunch of things that don’t necessarily need their own entry.

First off, winter has truly arrived in Maine. Yes, we’ve had some cold spells during both November and December, and several smaller snow falls, but this past Sunday we have our first big one. It’s difficult to say how much snow fell, because the wind does such a fantastic job or redistributing it all. Still, we were officially snowed in for the day, stuck until the plow guy came around mid afternoon. Even with the plow, snow storms still require a fair amount of shoveling, and shoveling for a nice chunk of time is a great way to realize just how out of shape you are! Of course this snow is about to be topped off with another predicted five or six inches tonight, so I better get my shovel ready for tomorrow morning.

While I was snowed in, I took advantage of the free time to get some stuff done. This including wrapping pretty much all of my Christmas gifts, which ended up taking a couple of hours. All I have left now is Tanner’s gift, and a gift for a friend that’s coming in the mail (and I won’t see her until after Christmas anyway). It’s a good thing I got this done then, because my first Christmas gift exchange is going to be this weekend. Can’t believe that Christmas is just next week!

Besides Christmas, another exciting event that takes place in December is the Project for Awesome, an annual event on youtube all about raising money and generating awareness for great charities. The project for awesome started at noon today, and will continue until noon on Thursday (eastern standard time for both). You can participate by donating money on the P4A indiegogo page (perks are great this year!), voting for the charities you feel deserve the money the most on the websitewatching the livestream, or commenting on Project for Awesome videos. Every comment, as well as every tweet on twitter with the #pfa hashtag, will result in one penny donated to the project for awesome. That can really add up over time! I can’t participate as much as I want this year, because of my work schedule, but I plan to do as much as a can. It’s a great cause, and a ton of fun.

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been watching Doctor Who lately. Tanner and I have just gotten to the beginning of season 7, meaning we just got off of the Netflix episodes and onto the ones we actually have to pay for (although it’s cheaper if you choose standard definition instead of hd!). I’ve really enjoyed watching the show, despite (or perhaps because?) the fact that the creators are really good at crushing your heart into itty bitty pieces. I think it’s fair to say I’ve seen why this show gets so much love, even if I still feel that it hogs too many Hugo noms. Once we’re done with season seven, we’re thinking about watching Arrow next.

So those are some things that have been on my mind lately. Hope everyone else is surviving the winter weather!


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