The Longest Thing I’ve Ever Written

So earlier this week, LD3 (aka my NaNoWriMo novel) passed 80k, officially making it the longest thing I’ve ever written. LD2 (last year’s NaNo novel) came close to that in the rough draft stages, but never crossed that line, and several thousand words have been cut down during editing anyway. Part of me is completely okay, with the fact that this novel has blossomed to such a length. After all, it’s a slightly more complex book. Not only does it need to stand on it’s own as Lady of Darkwood (book 1) did, and built upon plots in relationships as LD2 did, but it needs to have a strong sense of finality. This is a trilogy after all.

But another part of me is terrified that I’ve bitten off more then I can chew. The story is too complex for my mediocre writing abilities. The structure I’ve chosen makes it feel choppy. The ending doesn’t make any sense. I know that these are things that will be fixed in the revisions process. Hell, I even know HOW I’m going to fix a whole bunch of them (although it does mean cutting out two characters, including one I’m sad to see go), but still the fear remains.

I’m eager to be done with this draft. I’ve put in a fair amount of time into it over the past month or so, and plan on taking a few weeks off from it once I’m done. If all goes to plan, it should be completed in a week or so. Leaving me to do the final edits on LD2, wrap Christmas gifts, and do more wedding planning. I just need to stick with it long enough until I type the words “the end.” I don’t think I’ll stray at least. I’ve left my protagonist, Lya, in quite a pickle. Refusing to get her out of it would be just be irresponsible.


2 thoughts on “The Longest Thing I’ve Ever Written

  1. Faith McKay

    Congrats on writing your longest draft yet! When I get towards the end of a first draft, I start worrying about those things, too. It’s enough to scare you out of finishing. I’ve found that if I look at the whole thing as one big thing, I get very intimidated. If you take it bit by bit though, you’re just doing the work. And that work will come during revisions. So don’t be afraid! 🙂


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