The Christmas Tree and Coraline

I have a confession to make, I still really love Christmas. I love buying gifts, and receiving them. I love photolistening to Christmas music, and visiting family, and eating turkey dinners, and putting up Christmas trees. I love watching Christmas movies and I’m pretty sure my attraction to stop motion animation began from watching all of those Rankin Bass Christmas specials (of which I own several on DVD including my personal favorite, The Year Without a Santa Claus).

This makes things kind of awkward, because a lot of the people I’m close with either are ambivalent towards the season, or actively dislike it, so I try to tone things down so I’m not completely annoying. Still, I kicked off the season in style this weekend by putting up our Christmas tree. We’re fake tree people, as Tanner is allergic to the real ones, and I fail to see the purpose of spending money on a new one every year when you can just stick a fake one in the closet and assemble when needed.

CoralinebasketThis also kicked off what looks like is going to be a yearly struggle with me and my cat, Coraline. You see, Coraline likes to play with the ornaments. And when I say play, I mean she likes to rip them off the tree and maybe hide them. Normal disciplinary methods (aka the squirt bottle) have proven to be pretty ineffective, which makes me wonder if this may be a battle I am not meant to win. Case in point, I woke up yesterday to find five ornaments on the ground PLUS a bow that had been ripped off of the side.

Things were a little calmer this morning, but she still can’t keep her paws off of the tree. We suspect that it might be to get attention (after all, she doesn’t seem to bother it as much when we’re not home). I suppose all we can do is chase her off of it when we see her hanging from the branches, and make sure to keep all the breakable ones on the top half of the tree. It’s a good thing I love my cat even more than I love Christmas, or she’d be in real trouble by now!

4 thoughts on “The Christmas Tree and Coraline

  1. Have you heard of these?

    My husband works for this company, which is the only reason I’ve heard of them. Not sure how well they work, as we haven’t tried them, but they’re there. πŸ™‚

    There’s also this cheaper option:

    Here’s the link for all the pet-proofing items Pet Safe offers, actually. I’m not shilling for them, I promise. πŸ™‚

    I find I’m one of these whose more ambivalent, but we don’t have kids and there aren’t very many in the family, and we don’t decorate namely because of lack of storage and the cat. God only KNOWS what he’d do with a Christmas tree. One day, though, I’d like to decorate. πŸ™‚ I don’t mind people who love the holiday, though. When you focus on the right things, it’s a great holiday.

    • Wow! Thanks for the suggestions,. The mat seems a little pricey (not to mention I would constantly be afraid of it malfunctioning and shocking the cat too hard), but I like the idea of a spray. I think someone recommended something similar to me when we she was having issues with the furniture.

      I can understand how some people are ambivalent on the holidays. I just never really grew out if it I guess.

      • Honestly, I wish I hadn’t grown out of it. I want to get back into it, but right now, there’s more reasons why not rather than why for, if that makes sense. πŸ™‚

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