More Thoughts on Fall TV

So back in September, I talked a little bit about some of the shows that I’ve been watching this fall, and figured it was about time to check in, as well as reflect on some of the shows I’ve been catching up on with Netflix.


Agents of SHIELD (Season One)
As I feared, people are bailing from this show left and right. That’s a pity, as episodes like F.Z.Z.T. have shown its true potential. I think what often pulls the show down the most is that the plots of the week can be a little hit or miss. But even in the weakest episodes, SHIELD does a lot that I really like. For one thing, there are plenty of actions that have consequences that go beyond a single episode. This seems to me like something that a lot of shows should do more often. I love the fact that Simmons is still recovering from her brush with death in F.Z.Z.T., and that Fitz is also dealing with his own feelings of inadequacy. Not to mention the fact that Skye still has that damn bracelet around her wrist. I still argue that we need to learn more about Coulson’s time in Tahiti now rather than later. With the last episode, I began to feel as if the mystery was beginning to overstay it’s welcome. I demand a significant revelation soon guys!


Castle (Season Six)
We’re nine episodes in, and about half of the cases have fallen into the realm of “entertaining, although nothing special.” I think you can only do so many quirky murder cases before they all begin to blur together, and this is something that Castle’s been suffering from for a little while now. Of course, every now and then one of these episodes adds something new. “Time will Tell” (the fake Time Travel episode) worked really well for me due to the hints of where Castle and Beckett’s lives may lead together. I also felt that the most recent episode “Disciple” was the strongest of the season so far. Most of it’s for reasons I don’t want to spoil, but they did a great job at upping the stakes with this particular episode, and I’m excited to see what’s going to come next.


The Legend of Korra: Spirits
Book two is complete! Looking back on Spirits, I must say that while I did enjoy it, it was uneven. The only aspect I was 100% satisfied with was the voice work. At the same time, when the Avatar team gets their shit together, they can deliver some high quality entertainment, whether that be the fantastic mid-season two parter “Beginnings,” or the epic finale. Going back to the topic of consequences, I did like the fact that the fall out of Spirits will result in big changes for The Legend of Korra, both on a personal level, as well as world changing events. I am really looking forward to Book Three. I just hope they take a little more time working on it so they can deliver something special. Oh, and for the love of god, let’s leave this tired Korra/Asami/Mako love triangle behind us! It was fine in season one, but there was no need to unearth it for season two. Let’s have Mako focus on his detective work, Asami on her company, and Korra on being the avatar. You can bring in new love interests for any of them, but let’s seriously not go there again.

On Netflix


Bones (Season 8)
There’s no denying it, Bones doesn’t shine quite as brightly as it used to be. I used to buy the box sets, but it hasn’t really been worth that for the past few seasons, so I just use Netflix. Much like Castle, the cases just kind of blend together. Still, the interactions between the characters are tons of fun, so it’s become one of those shows I turn on when I’m exercising for find myself with a spare 40+ minutes at home. I’m eight episodes in so far.


Doctor Who (Season 4)
After much encouragement from the entire internet, I finally started to watch Doctor Who with Tanner back in August. I’ve found it to be a blast so far. Admittedly, I feel a little silly because I’m not completely addicted to it like a lot of people, but I don’t really get that way about TV shows anymore (season 1 of The Legend of Korra being a big exception), so that’s to be expected. We’ve recently made it to season four, which features the 10th Doctor David Tennent and Donna Noble as companion. Like many viewers, I really enjoy David Tennent’s version of the Doctor, and Donna really cracks me up. With the 50th Anniversary being today, I feel so terribly behind on this, but I know I’ll catch up in my own time.


4 thoughts on “More Thoughts on Fall TV

  1. Calico

    I’m still not convinced of SHIELD. If it weren’t for the tie-in for the movies and the possibility of Easter Eggs, I would’ve dropped it. The show definitely has potential, but it’s not clicking for me.

    It’s funny: the shows I was most looking forward to (SHIELD, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland) are the shows I feel most blah about. The shows I wasn’t planning to bother with (Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, and Almost Human), have been a helluva lot of fun. Well, Dracula‘s the weakest of the three, but still, entertaining.

      1. Calico

        Definitely give it a go. I was thoroughly engaged by just the pilot alone, and the second episode’s pretty solid too. Third episode airs Monday! (You can play catch up on Hulu, btw).

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