NaNoWriMo Check in: Week 3

Today is Day 21 of NaNoWriMo
By the end it, you should have written at least 35,007 words

If you’re behind, that’s okay. Again, if you’re just a couple thousand words behind, you can just catch up over the weekend, but if you’re more than that, don’t completely give up. Just focus on writing that great novel of yours, and make sure you make progress every day. Maybe you’ll finish that 50k in December, or January. Even if you’re not the fastest writer in the world doesn’t change the fact that you’re doing something worth while.

If you’re ahead, that’s also good. Hell, you may have written 50k by now and that’s fantastic! Just don’t forget to actually finish the book. Until you write, “The End” you’re technically not done, challenge be damned. This also means you’re probably at a point where you can start thinking “am I going to do anything with this?” Maybe you want to make it a news years resolution to take that completed NaNo draft and revise it to something readable (because let’s be honest, while it probably has it’s moments now, it’s still a rough draft). Maybe the book isn’t worth taking to the revision level, and you’ve learned something else from your NaNoWriMo experience this year (maybe you tried a new genre and discovered it didn’t suit you. Maybe you learned that you should outline first next time). Either way, the time you spent this November working on it should not be considered time wasted.

If you’re on target, keep on being awesome. You’re almost there! Make sure you stay on focused. If you fall behind now, you won’t have as much time to catch up.

Nancy’s Word Count: 44,096

Phew. It’s been a complicated week. At the beginning of it, I realized that my entire plan for how I wanted to structure LD3 just didn’t work. I had all of the plot points, but none of the more personal moments, and the new characters weren’t really getting established all that well. As a result, this week has been a rather awkward week of writing. I’ve been writing scenes I know should have already happened, and trying to find places for them in the first fifty pages or so. I’m convinced that the story is going to be a lot stronger for it, but it’s kind of a pain. As a result, I’ve come in a little under what I wanted to accomplish, word count wise, this week. Still, I have a spare hour this afternoon to add to it a bit, and I’m still ahead of the game. It’s not worth getting all that sad about.

I also realize that things have been crazy quiet on the blog front this month. It’s going to be a little tricky in December, as I’ll still be working on my NaNo novel, but I still hope to be able to liven things up a bit. I won’t have a Week 4 post for NaNoWriMo though. Seeing as the whole month ends two days later, I’ll just have an post to finish things up on the 30th.

Finish strong!

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