NaNoWriMo Check in: Week 2

Today is Day 14 of NaNoWriMo
By the end it, you should have written at least 23,338 words

If you’re behind, how much you want to sweat is based on how far behind you are. Just a couple thousand words?  Use the weekend to catch up. Much more then that? Then it’s going to get tricky. In previous years, I’ve noticed that the second half of the month tends to be a lot more crowded then the first. We’re getting close to those winter holidays, so you might find some of your normal writing time taken up by baking, shopping, or visiting family. If you think catching up is unrealistic, then there’s really no shame in adjusting your goal. Maybe you’ll write 1000 words a day instead. Or one page. No matter what you do, keep on writing! They say NaNoWriMo is all about word counts and big numbers, but it’s really about getting in the habit of writing every day. If you can say you’ve done that even if you haven’t reached 50k, I’d call that a victory.

If you’re significantly ahead, think about adjusting your goals upwards. No, I’m not a crazy person. At least not in this instance. If you’re a few thousand words ahead by this point in the game, and your NaNo stat page says that you’re going to be done several days early, then why not aim for 55k, or 60k? It’s one thing if you actually have a fifty thousand word novel on your hands, but most novels are longer than that, why not get as much put away during the challenge as possible? It will keep you from getting over confident, taking several days off from writing, and then hitting December with still a ton of book left to write (as I did one year). I’m aiming for at least 60k.

If you’re on target, keep on trucking forward. Make sure writing remains a daily priority.

Nancy’s Word Count: 30,673
They say that week two is the hardest one, but I’m not really feeling that this year. Perhaps it’s because I normally have issues in the third or fourth week. Or it could just be the fact that I’ve been so focused on my writing this year, that NaNoWriMo isn’t all that different. My goal for 2013 was to work on something writing related for, on average, an hour a day. And NaNoWriMo hasn’t been all that different. Sure, I try to find time to squeeze in at least an extra 15 minutes each morning on top of that hour, but, besides the occasionally break her and there, writing really has been a daily thing for me all year. I’ve already figured out how to find the time. I just need to focus on plowing forward.

Of course, that doesn’t change the fact that the insecurities are beginning to pile on. I’m worried that some characters aren’t coming across as strong as they need to, or that I’ve over written (or under written) certain sections. It can be tricky to tell that little voice in your head to calm down and you’ll come back later, and it certainty has been for me lately. Unfortunately, she’s only going to get louder as the month goes ahead.

See you by the end of week three!


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