NaNoWriMo Check in: Week 1

Today is Day 7 of NaNoWriMo
By the end it, you should have written at least 11,669 words

If you’re behind, don’t panic! This is not a bad time to be behind, because it’s still early in the game. There’s a weekend coming up, potentially a three day weekend for people who have Veterans Day off of work. Double down your efforts, and you can make up for a lot of lost ground.

If you’re ahead, great job but don’t get too cocky. Yes, I suspect you’re word count is very impressive right now, but stay focused! You probably have a lot of good momentum right now, and you don’t want to lose that. I suppose this doesn’t count for the uber-overachievers that are already getting close to (or have surpassed?) 50k. You guys are awesome. Scary, but awesome.

If you’re on target, pat yourself on the back, and keep plowing forward! You’ve made a solid start.

Nancy’s Word Count: 15,105
Things have gone really well for me this past week. I haven’t had a bad day of writing yet, and even had two really fantastic days when I’ve been able to put some extra time in, with strong results. I think one thing that’s really helped me with LD3 is the fact that I’ve thought about this book so much over the past year. LD3, as I mentioned before, is the third book in the trilogy, and 2013 has very much been about transforming the second book in the same trilogy from that awkward duck of a NaNo draft to something submittable (and I’m almost done!). As a result, I’ve had these characters sitting around in my mind, and I’ve done a lot of thinking about what the next step in their journey might be. You don’t have to be an outliner to plan ahead (hell, a new character I never knew existed has already popped in and I’m already planning out his storyline), but it’s a lot easier to put away those numbers if you have an idea where you’re going next.

As far as LD3 goes, I feel like I’ve almost finished setting the stage for the rest book. Most of the major characters have made at least their first appearances. Hopefully during the next few days, I’ll be able to finish setting up the important plot lines. Clearly, this is not a 50k novel. It’s might even be as much as 80k, which will make it the longest thing I’ve ever written. It doesn’t matter that I’m ahead of the game now, I can already tell this project is going to go into December. It’s also important to note that this is far from a perfect draft. I already see issues that I will need to fix next year (including one notable scene where two characters pretty much merge into one), but I have great momentum going on, and I’m satisfied with that.

Stay strong! See you all in week two.


4 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo Check in: Week 1

  1. 80K? And you call yourself a fantasy writer!!!! πŸ˜‰

    My SF thesis is 132K. πŸ™‚ Yes, I know, it needs cutting…. πŸ™‚ And seriously, one of these days I’d love to have a final draft with a word count that low!

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