A Few Side Notes

So I have a lot of little things going on in my head that don’t really fill a whole post. I thought about making a bunch of little posts, but then I figured I’d just make a list!


Topic #1- Top 50 X-Men– I know I’ve said this before, but it’s a damn good time to be an X-men fan. Not only is the Battle of the Atom crossover event kicking all kinds of ass, but Marvel.com has been listing the top fifty X-men on their website (which I’m going to spoil right now, so go read that first!). I pretty much called who the top ten would be, even if I got the order all out of whack. When I saw that my favorite X-men, Kitty Pryde, was number 1, I literally did a mini fist pump in the air and said “go Kitty!”. Fortunately, I was sitting in my car on lunch break, so the public humiliation was minor. From the moment the list was announced, I was convinced that Wolverine was going to take the top spot. And to be honest, I love Wolverine, so I’d be pretty happy with that too, but seeing Professor K up there just makes me so pleased.

Topic #2- Marvel Movies– So the new Thor movie comes out in a few short weeks, and I’m all kinds of thrilled about it. If I were to list my top three Marvel Phase 1 movies, they would be #1- The Avengers, #2- Iron Man, and #3- Thor (and if you’re curious, the list would continue #4- Captain America, #5- Iron Man 2, and #6 The Incredible Hulk). I love the family dynamic alive in the Thor universe, especially the tense relationship between Thor and Loki. I’m also a big fan of the emphasis on smart female characters, and Chris Hemsworth’s handsome… everything. So far, reviews have been pretty positive, which gives me hope that The Dark World will live up to Thor 1. Surprisingly, I’m also really intrigued by the look of the next Captain America movie. The identity of America has changed dramatically since the 1940s. It makes sense that Cap’s movies would decide to focus on that.


Topic #3- Instagram and Engagement Photos- So I’m on instagram! Right now it’s mostly pictures of my cat (because she’s just that adorable) but you can also find a couple of my engagement photos there if anyone is interested. The photos themselves turned out really good and is going to make figuring out Christmas presents really feakin’ easy this year.

Topic #4- Emma Approved– The minds behind The Lizzie Bennett Diaries (which I loved with the intensity of a thousand suns), and Welcome to Sandition (which was just okay), have launched their third series, Emma Approved. Emma Approved is a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, recasting the Regency heroine as an Oprah-like life Coach who is determined to give everyone a better life, no matter the cost. So far, I’m quite enjoying it. I don’t look forward to each episode as much as I did The Lizzie Bennett Dairies, but the interaction between the characters is great, and the casting is spot on. I’m really looking forward to see what they’re going to do next!

So that’s what’s on my mind right now!


10 thoughts on “A Few Side Notes

  1. So speaking of Marvel, have you had a chance to check out Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD of ABC?

    Yay for photos! I shall go look now. 🙂

    • I have been watching Shield. And it’s funny, I see how much hate it gets on the internet, and it doesn’t match up at all with my experience. I quite enjoy it so far, despite it’s flaws, as does my fiance and father. It’s a lot of fun.

      • It’s not as strong as I was hoping it would be, but it’s enjoyable. I do wish we’d get a Melinda May centric episode, but I think that’s coming. I think a lot of the complaints center around wanting different cast members to have a chance to shine over all the focus on Skye and Ward, but I don’t mind those two.

      • This is so weird, but this comment actually ended up in my spam folder. Sorry for ignoring it.

        A Melinda May centric episode would be really good! Interestingly, I found the focus to be shifting away from Ward in recent episodes, although Skye is very much front and center still. I also think it’s coming time to address the elephant in the room, why is Coulson still alive? I have to wonder if the creators are worried that once people know the answer, they’ll no longer be interested in the show.

      • It seems Ward’s character, at the moment, is only in the limelight when it supports Skye’s arc. I don’t think we’re getting too much of either of them, but from this point on, it’s time to give some of the other characters their due.

        Regarding Coulson, I suspect that’ll be at least a season finale reveal. Maybe mid-season, but I’d be surprised if they revealed it that fast.

      • I suspect that Ward has a secret too. There have been a couple leading comments that make me wonder if he might be a super solider or something. Who knows? Maybe he’s the Life Model Decoy.

      • Interesting… I’ve not picked up on the notion that Ward has a secret. Though if he were a super soldier or had suppressed powers or something, that’d be awesome. He’s pretty to look at though, so for now, that’s all I need. 🙂

      • He IS pretty to look at. I demand some equal opportunity objectification! We’ve already had Skye in her underwear and running around soaking wet in that red dress. We should at least get a shirtless scene from Ward.

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