Um, Yay?

I seem to be getting the best news from the least likely sources. The agent that liked my query letter and requested 50 pages (and has so far, not sent a rejection slip) is one who rarely accepts new clients, according to their website. Now that’s not an agency that rejects the majority of the queries that comes in. That seems to be the norm. This is one that rarely accepts new clients period. Therefore, it was the one I was expecting to receive a rejection from the most. Of course, since they rarely accept new clients, it’s not fair to assume they’ll be sending a positive response back to me, but the fact that it’s a possibility kind of blows my mind.

Then today, I receive a request for a full manuscript from an actual publisher that I queried with the first few chapters. Again, reading over the guidelines where they talk about how few books they accept, I wasn’t expecting this at all! Now, I’m trying to keep my expectations low. After all, maybe a lot of writers get to this point in their submission process. I don’t want to get too disappointed if this results in another rejection, but it has convinced me to lay off querying more agents until at least after NaNoWriMo (which, because my books are usually longer than 50k, will run a ways into December). The reason behind this is the publisher is currently looking for unagented submissions, so this is one situation where my agent-less status might work to my advantage.

I ended up querying three agents earlier in the week, bringing my total of agent queries to twenty. Not a bad number to stop at for now.

Note- Yes, I am purposely not saying the name of either the agency or publisher (even though some people may be able to figure out the latter). It just seems a tad unprofessional on a public blog. If good news comes from either, I’ll be a little more open šŸ™‚


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