Weddings and Weird Al: My Busy Week

Wow, it’s a good thing that I have Columbus Day off. I’ve had quite the week! As mentioned in my previous post, it all kicked off on Monday, when I went to my first concert since grad school: Weird Al. Tanner is a bigger Weird Al fan then I am, but I still had a blast. Weird Al sang A LOT of songs, did a TONS of costume changes, and managed to juggle his multiple music styles with apparent ease. This is clearly a guy who earns your $30 admission fee and more. I was also impressed at his ability to hit pretty much all of the high notes, considering the man’s in his fifties now. The concert was in the State Theater down in Portland (Maine). We were sitting pretty far to the back, but the venue is so small, that we could see just fine.

The next couple days had me working extra hours and different shifts, so I was kind of tired by the time I got to Thursday. There was no time to relax though, because once I got home I needed to change and get ready for my engagement photos! I’m really happy with the photographer we’ve chosen for our wedding. She’s an incredibly sweet person and so patient with the fact that I’m not very comfortable getting my picture taken. We had the photos taken over at the Bates Campus here in Lewiston, around a very picturesque pond filled with mallard ducks and fat seagull. I’m very anxious to see the results, which should arrive in about two weeks.

After the photographs I had just enough time to watch Joss Whedon’s Much Ado about Nothing before bed. I really wanted to catch this when it was out in theaters, but already had plans the one week it was playing in Maine. I found the film to be absolutely delightful, and wonderfully acted. I was especially fond of Amy Acker’s performance as Beatrice, Clark Glegg’s role as Leonato, and Fran Kanz as Claudio. This movie will clearly be on my Christmas wish list this year. At the same time, I can see why Much Ado may not appeal to everyone. Shakespeare isn’t for everyone, for one thing. Also, the lines are delivered in a rather conversational, casual way. I felt this enhanced the intimate atmosphere of the movie myself, as it felt like people just talking to their friends rather than performances on a stage. Ironically, this movie has a couple wedding scenes, which made me feel I was somewhat surrounded by the event.

The next couple days was all about my friend Kate’s wedding. I carpooled with my good friend Kim and we went down the night before. It’s a good three hours drive to Bar Harbor, where the event took place at a gorgeous seaside motel. Considering we both had to work and get packed, we didn’t get to leave until almost eight o’clock. The event was quite lovely, and Kate and her new hubby Devon were so cute together. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that this huge event, with a hundred and fifty guests, and lengthy dance filled reception, was just not for me. I don’t do well in large crowds (Tanner actually struggles with them even more), and the fact that I didn’t know most people there made me uncomfortable at times. Still, I had a good time, even though it required putting myself quite outside of my comfort zone. We were invited to stay the night at the hotel, but as I had stuff to do today (including a car appointment at nine am this morning), leaving then made the most sense. Cinder-Nancy didn’t make it back until almost 1 AM, and BOY was I tired by then.

So as you can see, I’m very pleased to have a day off tomorrow before I launch myself into another work week!


4 thoughts on “Weddings and Weird Al: My Busy Week

  1. I should add: I’ve always heard he puts on a helluva show. My hubby saw him while I was in college, and while he’s not a huge fan (his cousin is, so my hubby took him as a birthday present), he said it was one of the best concerts he’d been to, ever. And he goes (especially at that time) to a LOT of concerts. This was back in… 2001? 2002? Glad to hear Weird Al keeps up the good work!

    • Yeah, pretty much everyone that’s seen him live has told me the same thing. It’s funny, people think less of him because he’s a comedy/parody artist, but what he does takes plenty of talent.

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