Rejection Letters Come on Friday and First Reader Feedback

Hello world! Seeing as I have a pretty busy week ahead of me this week, where I won’t have much time to post, I thought I’d make an update about some things that have been on my mind.

First off, I’ve received a grand total of five rejections from the fifteen agents I queried last month. I also received two emails asking for larger samples of Lady of Darkwood (thirty-five and fifty pages to be exact). The thirty-five pages turned into one of the rejections, but the fifty page sample is still out there. Hopefully, something will come of it, or the ten other queries I made. One thing I noticed is that all of my rejection letters have come on Fridays. Is that a common thread? Do agents go through a big pile of queries each week, sorting each into a “Yes” or “No” pile, then finally send out their decisions on the last day of the work week?

Tanner and I hosted a geeky movie night on Friday, where we invited a handful of friends over to eat food and watch The Gamers: Hands of Fate. The whole thing was a ton of fun for all, and it made me appreciate Hands of Fate even more. Not only is it a fun movie that tackles the very relevant topic of sexism in gaming/conventions, but there are a ton of little things I saw upon second viewing that I hadn’t seen before. Looks like they’re posting pieces of the extended edition on youtube for those who want to check it out.

My feedback for LD2 is rolling in! This means I just started working on draft three (which is technically the fourth draft if you count the rough draft. Or four and a half if you count that odd proto-draft that is VERY different from any of the other ones). The feedback so far has been very helpful, pointing out things like crappy grammar, issues in logic, and the fact that I occasionally forget who’s siting where in certain scenes in the library (whoops).

Tanner and I will be seeing Weird Al in concert tomorrow. This is really cool, as I haven’t been to a concert since before grad school. Tanner’s the bigger Weird Al fan, but I still enjoy his music. We pretty much have the best of the crappy seats, but I suspect that it will still be a lot of fun.

On Saturday, I’ll be going to a wedding. It was kind of a last minute invitation, so I don’t really have a dress for it. Fortunately, my friend Kim has been kind enough to lend me a couple dresses. Unfortunately, I’m a little curvier than she is, so I have a little too much on bottom for dress number one, and a little too much on top for dress number two. Still, they’re both super cute and I don’t have money to spend on a dress, so I’ll go with one or the other. I might choose dress number one, as I don’t have to worry about creepers staring at my girls all night.

On top of that, I have close to a 50 hour work week next week. Phew! I’m going to be glad to have Columbus day off.


5 thoughts on “Rejection Letters Come on Friday and First Reader Feedback

      1. Calico

        Usually we have federal holidays off — we’re off when the stock market is closed — but I think that’s the rare holiday that I don’t get. In fact, I don’t think I have any federal holidays until Thanksgiving, which is fine: I’ve got vacation to use up!

      2. nancyotoole Post author

        Taking vacation is pretty tricky for me (one job has a very small staff. The other, is just me and some volunteers), so I’m always grateful for my Holidays. I like my jobs, I just need some time to breath every now and then.

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