Thoughts on Fall TV

So it’s about time for me to do a movie post and er… I haven’t seen any. Blame it on a combination of busy weekends and lack of anything all that interesting playing in the theaters. Instead, I thought I would share my thoughts on fall TV. I’m not watching too many shows, but that’s more due to lack of time then lack of interest. Still, I think I selected some good ones.

I’m keeping my thoughts pretty spoiler free in respect for those who haven’t seen the show. In return, please don’t spoil any future episodes for me. Seriously, I don’t even watch previews any more, so don’t even spoil those.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Season 1)
Boy! Reviews for this one are all over the map, and people seem to have a hard time coming to a consensus on the details. I’ve seen Ming Na criticized for her “wooden” acting by some, then praised to the skies by others for her badass-ness. Some people think FitzSimmons (the two scientists) are the best thing about the show. Others, hate them. Personally, I think it’s a lot of fun. It’s like getting a mini action movie every week. The cameos from the Avengers makes me smile, and I’m one of the ones that enjoys the witty banter between the characters (although the clunky “origin story” line still has me wincing). Admittedly, it’s clear that this is a show that’s going to take a few episodes before everyone finds their place. For example, I was a little lukewarm over Agent Ward in episode one, but found I really enjoyed the (platonic) relationship he developed with Agent May in episode two. Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of people just aren’t up to sticking with a show for a few episodes before it finds it’s footing, so I hope this show hits it’s stride before too many people jump ship.


Castle (Season 6)
Holy Hell this show has been on a long time now. Pretty good considering how difficult it was for poor Nathan Fillion to get a show that could last more than one season. I really enjoyed the two-parter that the season started off with, and felt it really re-energized the show. At the same time, I can’t help but feel that these changes aren’t going to last too long. For one thing, the writers on Castle have always been big with sticking to the status quo, and it does have the unfortunate side effect of making many of the established side characters feel a little superfluous. I don’t mean to say that I dislike the status quo on Castle (if I did, why would I still be watching?), but it can make the show feel stagnant at times. Regardless, both episodes this season have been suspenseful and fun. Oh, and one thing? Please ditch Alexis’s new boyfriend. The actor is TOO good at being annoying.


The Legend of Korra (Season Two: Spirits)
Season two of Korra is interesting, because while The Last Airbender was clearly a three season deal, Korra’s story was never meant to go beyond the initial twelve episode run. Fortunately, it looks like they’ve come up with some interesting material for season two, even if it does tend to shine a light on some of the show’s weaknesses. Unlike the very plot/action driven season one (Air), Spirits, with its emphasis on family, feels a lot more character driven. Unfortunately, while Korra delivers some sophisticated content for a kids cartoon, it’s handling of character motivation and development is uneven when compared to adult fare of similar quality. So while it can be difficult at times to connect with the hardheaded and impulsive Korra’s motivations, it’s hard not to be drawn into Tenzin’s familial frustrations. At the same time, I am totally invested in Spirits. I really like how they’re continue to develop this world (especially in regards to technology), the voice work is top notch (especially PJ Byrne as Bolin, and JK Simmons as Tenzin), and I love the characters to itty bitty pieces, despite my complaints. We’ve seen four episodes so far, and I know I’ll be sticking around for the full season.

So, what’s everyone else watching this fall? Are there any other shows I should watch, either now or if they make it to Netflix? I’ve heard some intriguing things about Sleepy Hollow.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Fall TV

    • Not yet. I’m currently watching Doctor Who on Netflix AND got season two of Game of Thrones on loan from the library, but I’d like to check out both of those too.

      You know, they need a website like goodreads for TV so I can make a wishlist…

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