Recommended Resources: Successful Queries

As anyone who’s ever witnessed me put together a piece of furniture knows, I don’t do well with directions. In fact, I consider it a sign of the strength of our love that Tanner still wants to be with me after our joint attempts at assembling a computer desk and, many years later, an exercise bike. I thrive on proven examples, which is why Writer’s Digest’s collection of Successful Query Letters was so helpful for me. Basically, it’s a collection of queries that have already sold books in a wide variety of genres. Each post has the query letter, and, even more useful, a explanation from the agent on what worked. I looked through the posts to find ones that closest resembled my book (either in the fantasy or YA categories) and was able to get a lot of ideas. It also made me realize that all queries don’t have to follow the exact same format, which was somewhat freeing for me. Make sure you don’t go completely off the rails of course. There are certain elements, that are pretty standard (such as a brief summary that doesn’t spoil the end). I’d recommend checking this site out.

Also, I feel like I’ve really bombarded people with these recommended resource posts this month. Not to mention other useful links I’ve posted in other posts about my Month of Queries. I think I’ll have kind of a sum up post next week about it. No real commentary, just a list of the links and a brief description of each. As much as having people paw through several posts for a vital links may be great for my stats here at Picking up the Pen, it’s probably a lot easier for people if I just put them in one place.

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