Month of Submissions, Week 2: On the Subject of Snyposes and Short Stories

Agents Queried: 0
Publisher Submitted: 0
Short Stories Submitted: 2

Look! I actually submitted stuff in my month of submissions!

Clearly, I underestimated how long writing this synopsis was going to take, because I didn’t end up finishing it until today. This is surprising, as I put more hours into writing this week then usual, sometimes adding time to write after work on top of my normal time in the morning. The result doesn’t sound as impressive, eleven hours spent on writing as opposed to seven, but my time set aside for reading certainly suffered.

If there’s one thing that the past couple weeks have taught me, it’s that summarizing succinctly is a lot more difficult then you may suspect. You’d think after all of the reviews I wrote on my own book blog, it would be easy, but this is not the case. If anything, writing a good synopsis is not something you can rush through. Now that I’ve completed it, I’m one step closer to actually submitting my novel, Lady of Darkwood. The next step is revamping my query letter. The good thing about this is I actually have an existing query letter I’ve used in the past, giving me something to work off of. The bad thing? I have to do something that I really struggle with, selling myself. After that, watch out agents!

As you can see from the chart above, I did accomplish something this week. I submitted two short stories to online markets. One story needed more love and attention than I suspected, while the other was pretty much all done. Hopefully, something will come out of one or the other. I seem to be piling up the rejection letters (six so far), but they are getting a little easier to take at least.

Well… that’s what I keep on telling myself.


2 thoughts on “Month of Submissions, Week 2: On the Subject of Snyposes and Short Stories

  1. Calico

    I hate writing synopses with a passion, because you’re absolutely right: they’re hard as hell to do. It’s also one of the reasons I started copying and pasting book premises from for my book reviews: trying to explain what the book is about without giving anything away (in the case of a review, that is), is laborious and time-consuming.

    Good luck with your submissions!


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