Recommended Resource: How to Find A (Real!) Literary Agent

The purpose of this post is not only to highlight a great article, but to draw people’s attention over to the sfwa website in general. Yes, they’ve had their issues over the past year, but the organization still seems to be a great resource for writers. The article that’s helped me out over the past week or so is “How to Find a (Real!) Literary Agent” by AC Crispin, a fantastic crash course in the world of literary agents covering the topics of researching agents, writing a synopsis, and query letters among others. The writer also does a great job of pointing out where scams are likely to be hiding, which makes sense, given that AC Crispin was one of the founders of “Writers Beware.”

Ironically, while I was using this article to help me write my synopsis, it’s writer passed away due to cancer. From what I’ve read about her since, she seemed like the type of writer that gave a lot back to the writing community. This article, linked above, is clearly only a small part of that.

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