Month of Submissions, Week 1: Preparations

Agents Queried: 0
Publisher Submitted: 0
Short Stories Submitted: 0

You’ll notice that that the number above look pretty nonexistent. The reason is I ended up spending pretty much the whole week (minus and hour revising a short story) working on my synopsis for Lady of Darkwood. Certain agents require an synopsis of your entire book, and whittling down even a short novel like mine to five or six pages is pretty tricky. Not all agents need one, but enough do that it’s a good idea to have one on hand. Fortunately, I’m almost done with mine now. Once that’s polished up, I just need to revamp my query letter, and then I can finally start submitting things during this month of submissions.

Also, I’ve been finding a lot of useful resources during this quest for publication, so expect to see quite a few recommended resource posts focusing around that.

Wish me luck.


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