My New Cellphone

There’s this great scene in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries when Lizzie happily talks about how she was finally able to get a smart phone. Of course, it’s the one that everyone else got two years ago. Well today, that was totally me!

As anyone who read this post might have guessed, it was high time for me to get a new phone. The final straw actually happened earlier this week, when my old phone decided it was going to forget ALL of my contacts, save for one. Sigh. As a result, I managed to pick up an iphone 4 for a whole dollar! Since this is my first smart phone, I’m pretty fascinated by it. I can see how having my twitter feed so close to me would be useful, yet oh so dangerous. I love the fact that I now have a camera phone that can take somewhat decent pictures. And I bought a cool looking case that I hope will prevent it from breaking the next time I drop it.

To be honest, part of me felt guilty for providing a product that was probably made by the hands of a overworked, potentially suicidal Foxconn employee, but I suspect the conditions my old phone was made in were not all the much better. In addition, I already own a kindle fire, so my hands are already dirty. Making ethical choices is tricky when it comes to electronics. At least with clothes and other every day items, I can buy them from consignment shops/thrift stores.

Also, today marks the last day of my writing vacation. It was a nice break, but it’s clearly time to get back to work! There are short stories that need my attention, stat!


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