Summer Movie Report Card (Part 2)

Seeing as Part 1 of my summer movie reviews is the most viewed post on this blog by VERY far, I figured it was time to do a follow up! Again, a few movies are not on this list because I didn’t have the chance to see them (World War Z), or they never came to my local theaters (Much Ado About Nothing), but here are my brief thoughts on the movies I DID end up seeing over the past month or so.

The Heat– Although the plot occasionally ventures into the ridiculous, if you’re looking for something that will make you laugh a lot, The Heat is a pretty safe bet. The chemistry between leading ladies Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock is fantastic, and even the smaller parts (with one notable exception) are cast very well. As a bonus, someone I know mentioned that watching this film made her proud to be a woman. How many comedies can make that claim? B

Despicable Me 2- At times, it feels like the writers for Despicable Me 2 went through all of the reviews of Despicable Me 1, made a list of things that people liked, and crafted a plot for the sequel out of that last. As a result, Despicable Me 2 can feel a bit like an inferior copy of the original, but the film has enough going for it that it’s still enjoyable. No longer villain but still a little wicked, Gru remains a likable protagonist, the world is quirky and fun, and the voice acting very well done. B-

Pacific Rim– Despite it’s flaws, Pacific Rim manages to be so damn enjoyable because it succeeds where so many other action flicks fall on their face. The cast of characters is diverse and likable, the film’s most compelling subplot belonging to a female character that, under a lesser writer, would just be relegated to “romantic lead.” The actions sequences are sharp and actually easy to follow. And few directors in Hollywood do compelling world building like Guillermo Del Torro. Probably the most fun I had in theaters this summer. B+

The Wolverine– Making up for the utter clusterfuck that was X-men Origins, The Wolverine is a Samurai flick done X-men style. Held up by it’s exciting actions sequences and strong cast (again, with one notable exception), The Wolverine manages to be a consistently enjoyable and even moving film, despite the fact that it can ventures into that weird place where X-men storylines sometimes go. As with all Marvel films, there is a post credit scene and boy, this one is a dozy. B

So as you can see, the past month has been pretty enjoyable. I enjoyed everything I saw in the theaters, although nothing really blew me away. In fact, not only has nothing really blown me away all summer, but I haven’t seen a rock your socks off Avengers/Dark Knight-esque film all year. Here’s hoping that either Elysium or The World’s End gives me something to really get excited about in August.

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