Wedding Plans

It’s been a busy July so far! I’ve been working some extra hours at work, which my wallet appreciates. On the writing front, I’ve been plugging through the final quarter of LD2 as well as polishing up short stories and submitting them to markets (fingers crossed!). Lately, wedding planning has been taking up plenty of my mental space as well. Here’s an update on what Tanner and I have been working on.

Meetings with the Minister- So apparently when you get married in a church, you end up meeting with the minister a handful of times beforehand. First, these meetings felt like couples therapy, which seemed a little silly given that Tanner and I have been together for damn close to ten years. I’m pretty sure if we hadn’t figured out how to work with each other by now, we’d have broken up. But now the meetings are more focused on planning the ceremony. So in the past month Tanner and I have picked up a couple of readings (one sacred, one secular), as well as picked a potential soloist to do the singing. We’ll need to make a few more phone calls before we get this whole music thing straightened out.

Invitations- We’ve finalized the guest list over the past week (consisting of family and close friends, we’re inviting 42 people, including plus 1s. There’s a Hitchhiker’s Guide joke in there somewhere), and have collected all of the addresses for the invitations. A friend will be helping me out with that, and I hope to speak with him tomorrow about it. We’ve listed out who we want to be a part of a wedding party (three bridesmaids and groomsmen), and need to ask them if they’re okay with it. So more phone calls there. So many phone calls…

Wedding Bands– My wedding band actually came with my engagement ring, but I have tiny ass hands so we need to get it re sized. I also need to buy a band for Tanner and get it sized to his hands. We going to head over the the jewelers tomorrow to look into this.

Photography- We may have found the perfect photographer! Not only are her rates completely reasonable BUT she takes good photographs AND she’s willing to travel to our ceremony AND we know a couple that’s had a good experience with her. Tanner and I are trying to set up an appointment with her next week, and I’m terrified that she’s not as awesome as she appears.

So clearly, we still have plenty of stuff left to do: bridesmaids dresses, finalizing food and the cake, flowers (which will only be bouquets, but I suspect still a pain in the ass), favors, etc, etc. Even though we have until April to do this all, I’d like to get as much done as possible before winter. It’s difficult to get anything significant accomplished when dealing with the constant thread of snow. Honestly, I don’t know how big wedding people handle it, because Tanner and are clearly more minimal. We have no DJ. We’re not going to cover the reception with flowers and decorations. We’re not renting limos or anything like that. We just want a nice small wedding, and even that seems overly complicated. I just hope we can get everything together in time.

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