Um…. Hello?

I went to bed last night feeling pretty good about this blog. My short story, Oriana and the Magic Lines, had been reblogged by the awesome Foil and Phaser community, which brought over a few more views. Although I haven’t gotten any feedback on it, the story had, in a few short days, become the most viewed page on my blog beyond the Home Page. Yeah it’s only twenty views, which is probably nothing to most bloggers, but it’s a story I worked really hard on. It’s good to know that while it’s not going to go viral, it’s at least been seen by a several eyeballs on the internet.

Then I checked my stats this morning, and my pretty good feeling went right to confusion when I saw that my stat page had gone completely nuts. In the past day, I’ve had 101 individual visitors to my blog for a total of 169 views. An optimist I may be, but I knew that Foil and Phaser wasn’t likely to provide me with THAT many new visitors. So I checked the stat page and saw that the vast majority of the views (123 total) went to my Summer Movie Report Card post. The post that got the second largest amount of views was my Recommend Resource Post on SurLaLune Fairytales (32 views), while my Must Read Post on NK Jemisin also pulled in a handful (6 views) above normal.

So the question is, who are these people and where did they come from?! I can see the appeal in a blog post about the summer movie season. Who doesn’t love summer movies? But the post in question is almost a month old! I know that it’s just not one or two people catching up on posts because wordpress specified that the 163 views is spread out over 101 visitors, and I haven’t made THAT many posts anyway. The referrer section (which shows where people that have clicked on links that have led to my blog come from), indicates that a whopping 48 views have come from search engines, many using terms like “Summer Movie Report Card.” I have no idea where the sudden interest in that exact phrase has come from, but where did the rest of the viewers come from!

So, I figured I’d ask. If you were one of the people who happened to stumble upon my blog last night (or early morning. I checked the blog a little after 7AM Eastern time), how did you happen to find it? I’m beginning to wonder if it wasn’t people at all but some glitch in the system. It’s just so strange I would get that many views in one 10 hour time period.


2 thoughts on “Um…. Hello?

  1. Calico

    Stats are a weird thing… if it’s not a site directing attention to you, sometimes it’s people discovering an old link on an old entry of another site, or just common search words. For my book blog on WP, the most popular entry was my review for “Magic Gifts,” which was the free short Ilona Andrews gave away a few years ago. I think people kept hitting that entry looking for the free story (however that works) but what happens is the more traffic the entry gets, the more likely it’s going to show up first or at least very high on Google, so…..

    It’s weird. Just roll with it. 🙂


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