200 Hours In, 165 Left To Go

So at the beginning of the year, I made a bunch of New Year’s Resolutions. And while I haven’t done fantastically on all of them (exercise? What exercise?), I have done well on my quest to put in 365 hours into my writing projects. This averages out to an hour a day, which is easy to fit in on some days, but not so much on other days. Yesterday I crossed the 200 hour milestone, which seems like a pretty big deal for some reason. I mean, two hundred hours is a really long time. That’s two hundred hours that I could have been watching youtube videos, or burning through television shows on Netflix (on the other hand, I think I’ve discovered why I barely touch Netflix anymore!). If I were writing full time, forty hours a week, that would be over a months worth of work. Damn.

It also means that I’m a bit ahead of schedule. If you think about it, as of yesterday we were technically, 191 days into the year, so I’m nine hours ahead. As a result, I think I’m going to take a little bit of a break when I finish this draft of LD2. As for how much of a break (a long weekend? a week? maybe more?) I’m not too sure. I’m not very good about taking vacations from my regular jobs (although in my defense, it’s usually not a possibility), so I should make an attempt to take a small writing vacation this year. As for when I’m going to finish this draft, it will probably be sometime in August, which was also sooner than I had planned on. I really wanted to get everything done by September for my first readers to look at, as any closer to the Holidays just seems too demanding. Anyway, taking a small break after the draft will be a great way to recharge those creative energies and figure out what I want to work on next. I’ve been thinking about dedicating a big chunk of time to querying agents about LD1 (something, I’m not too good at. The entire process just stresses me out!), so maybe that would be a good time to work on that.

At least for now, the future looks good.

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