Soooo Hoooooot

Warning- In this post, I whine like a little brat. You have been warned!

Tanner and I have a single air conditioner. It’s about six years old and was made for small rooms, which makes it perfect for our bedroom. We bought it one summer with the idea that we would only use it at nights  to help us sleep. During the day, we could just depend on a couple fans, and that would keep the electric bill from spiking up too high.

But oooh boy let me tell you. These 90+ degree super-humid past few days have NOT made this easy to stick to.

I know, in many places of the country (and in the wider world), this is pretty much how summer goes, but not in Maine dammit! We put up with smaller salaries, a crappy job market, and hellish winters for very specific reasons, and one of those is mild summers. There’s a reason that people in New England flee to Maine in the summer. It’s really nice up here usually! But ugh! Lately, it has just been too much.

On top of this, the AC in my car is still not working. I just didn’t have to cash to get it fixed after last month’s inspection resulted in $700 worth of repairs. This makes for a very difficult transition when I go to work. If I were to dress for my car, I’d reach for one of my lightweight dresses. Unfortunately, one of the libraries that I work in is FREEZING. So finding just the right balance of clothing is pretty much impossible. I have to ask myself, do I want to show up to work covered in sweat, or do I want to freeze all day? This is not an easy question to answer!

Things should get a little better from here on out. Tomorrow is expected to be around 90 again, but I’ll be visiting my parents, who have a place near the beach where it’s much cooler. Then temperatures will be dropping 10+ degrees for the rest of the week. This is where I prefer my summer to be. Let’s hope it stays like that for a while.


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