Buying a Mattress: Or How to Celebrate the 4th Like an Adult

There’s no getting around it. Holidays are mostly for kids. Whether that be Trick or Treating, Christmas stockings, Easter Egg huts, or even fireworks, they all seem to be targeted towards the younger set. And that’s something I’m perfectly okay with. I can understand looking back fondly on the holidays you enjoyed as a child and wanting to share that experience with your own kids. It doesn’t change the fact that holiday traditions, even the ones I honestly still enjoy (I’m still a big fan of Christmas), just don’t have the same level of excitement when you’re older and (potentially) wiser. As adults, Holidays are all about seeing family and friends in a (more or less) relaxing setting. And the barbecues, dinners, and get togethers we schedule are more or less just an excuse to spend time together.

But holidays are also one of those rare times when everyone seems to have a time off from work. As someone who works six days a week, I appreciate every day off. Holidays are also a great time just to get things done. So what did Tanner and I do today? We bought a mattress.

I know that sounds really dull, uninteresting, and adult like, but we’ve been sleeping on the same, 30 year old mattress for the past seven years and it’s been none to nice to my back the entire time. Therefore, the idea of getting a new one is pretty awesome (technically, it’s an early birthday present!). Unfortunately, I won’t get a chance to sleep on said new bed until tomorrow, as Big Lots doesn’t have a delivery service, and the person who’s supposed to help us move it doesn’t have time until tomorrow. But hey! A mattress is a mattress.

I can’t help but be tickled at what a boring, adult thing buying a mattress is for the Fourth of July. It’s not a big fireworks show, but to be honest, the thought of potentially getting a good night sleep again is far more exciting to me.


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