Recommended Resource: SurLaLune Fairy Tales

This is a really interesting website as it’s actually a great place for both writers AND readers. SurLaLune is pretty much the best resource online for western fairy tales (and their ebook section dips into folklore from other areas of the world as well). As someone who grew up loving fairy tales, from picture books to Disney movies, I often find reading the original tales to be very inspiring as a writer. Also, if you’re going to be rewriting a fairy tale, going back and reading these older versions of the fairy tale is paramount, as the Disney versions have often been so ingrained in our brains, we often forget that they were once very different tales. The popular thing to say today if you’re a fairy tale fan is “they used to be so much darker!” but they can also deviate significantly in other ways (don’t believe me? Read Beauty and the Beast).

As a reader, I also like this website because it lists where you can find fairy tale retellings. Love Beauty and the Beast to pieces? Well here’s a list where you can find novels, comics, picture books,short stories, poems, music, movies, tv shows, and plays ALL based on this famous fairy tale.

The website also has a frequently updated blog focused on fairy tales which is worth subscribing too, and a fun merch shop. It’s really just a great resource all around.

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