Summer Movie Report Card (Part 1)

Although I like small, intimate movies as much as the next gal, I really enjoy the big budget movies that come out in the summer. I mean, they have superheroes, explosions, loud noises and special effects! Sometimes that’s just what I need. But to be honest, I’ve found this summer’s offering of movies to be a little uneven. No, I haven’t seen every movie that’s come out this summer. There are even a few I’m interested in (like Epic or Now You See Me) that I’ll probably just wait and borrow from the library. But for the movies I have seen so far, I thought I’d give them a little report card.

Iron Man 3– Is it funny? Yes. Does it have cool action sequences? Double Yes! But Iron Man 3 has too much running around without really accomplishing anything, leaving it’s central characters feeling neglected as a result. After seeing The Avengers, which showed us how good a Marvel movie can be, this one ends up barely above average. C+

Star Trek: Into Darkness– Although it falls short of it’s predecessor, this movie is just plain fun. Screen writers Alex Kurtzman, Damon Lindelof, and Roberto Orci may have issues with logic and real world science, but they can balance an ensemble cast like a boss, giving each face it’s moment to shine. Top this up with fantastic acting from Simon Pegg, Benedict Cumberbatch and Chis Pine, and you have something close to everything a summer blockbuster should be. B+

This is the End– I went into this movie knowing next to nothing about the film, and that turned out to be a good thing. The jokes in This is the End occasionally fall flat, but the majority of the time this self deprecating comedy works really well. The banter between cast mates feels so natural that you have to wonder how much was scripted and how much was just improve. Well done. B

Man of Steel– I’ve never been a big Superman fan, so I was perfectly fine with this new version of the classic character. I loved the sci-fi emphasis and found the casting to be spot on in even the smallest of roles. Unfortunately, for every moment of brilliance in this film, there is a moment where it falls short. And where I was willing to overlook the occasionally illogical plot twist in Star Trek, I just couldn’t do it here. Man of Steel comes off as overstuffed, with too many ideas and repetitive action sequences. Worth a rental from the library, but nothing more. C

Monsters University– So as Monsters University as good as Monster Inc? Of course not, but it’s still so much fun. Monsters University is chock full of lovable characters, brilliant voice acting, and surprisingly clever dialogue. Anyone that has seen Monster Inc will see the twist at the end coming, but it’s a pretty revolutionary idea to put in in a Disney/Pixar film never the less. Clearly, Pixar does not believe in coddling its kid audience. B+

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6 thoughts on “Summer Movie Report Card (Part 1)

  1. Will probably wait to see Monsters U until it’s been out a few weeks and I can avoid the onslaught of children. I liked Men of Steel a lot, despite some of it’s flaws (action scenes that went on too long with too much destruction, the repetition of information revealed to the audience, the stupidity of hiding under an OVERPASS during a tornado…). Henry Cavill is my new celebrity crush. 😉 I also think I enjoyed Iron Man 3 a tic more than you did. Loved how Pepper finally got a substantial role in the franchise. 🙂 And also, adored Star Trek. I love that cast to pieces!

    Saw World War Z today. When you see it, I want to talk about the nature of the climax, because I realize I’m very impressed with it. 🙂

    • For Monsters, I went to a 9PM showing, so there weren’t too many kids, but I can understand why you might want to wait it out.

      It’s interesting how Man of Steel has gained such polarizing reviews. Some people (Superman purists in particular) HATE it with so much rage, while others really love it. I thought it did so much really well (Russell Crowe has totally redeemed himself for the weak vocal performance in Les Miz), but there was so much about it that I didn’t quite buy (Ka El, here is a ship that Kryptonians flew over here thousands upon thousands of years ago. Conveniently they remembered to bring a shiny outfit with our family crest. Neat!) so I feel I can’t really go to either side.

      World War Z is probably a matinee next weekend. I’ve also heard mixed things about it, but I’m hoping it works for me!

      • Good call on the suit…. that was a bit weird, UNLESS once Jur-El’s “program” was uploaded into that old ship, it told that ship to make the suit… that would make sense, and seems possible given the tech.

        But no, the movie wasn’t perfect. And YES Russell Crowe has redeemed himself for Les Miz. Personally, I’ll just forget that movie ever happened…

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